The Importance of IVF and The Possibilities it Offers

IVF is physically and emotionally a very challenging process for couples who are trying for a baby. But when you look at the unbelievably beautiful little child in your arms, it makes everything worth the while and much more! In vitro fertilization is a highly advanced and fairly successful medical technique performed to help a […]

How Do You Fix Implantation Failure?

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technique that helps couples with fertility problems to have children. Combined with ICSI, it is a fairly successful infertility treatment worldwide. Embryo implantation is the final step in IVF. Even as everything goes right, it may sometimes happen that the embryos do not attach to the uterus […]

5 Common Signs of Infertility in Men & Women

When you have been trying to conceive via natural means without any success, it is a “sign” of infertility. However, it is not a cause for worry. Most issues are treatable, with much advancement in medicine and ART- assisted reproductive technology. When a woman fails to conceive, one-third of the time the cause is female […]

Get prepared for IVF – Physically And Mentally

As you embark on your IVF journey, you are both excited and apprehensive at the same time. It is a trip that qualifies you for parenthood, providing a full life with a complete family. Be optimistic as you turn the wheel for a positive flow of energy. The best way to keep apprehensions aside is […]

Fertility – Why Your Diet Matters?

Making the appropriate dietary choices is recommended for everyone, but does diet matter when it comes to fertility? Well, it is fairly common to see women avoiding certain foods in the diet when they are pregnant. At the same time, it is the usual practice to alter the food habits to incorporate certain kinds of […]

Top Factors Affecting IVF Success and Failure

The first success of the In-vitro fertilization (IVF) for women who could not conceive came for the first time back in 1978. The procedure has evolved a lot since then and given the joy of parenthood to countless couples worldwide. Nevertheless, statistically, the average success rate of IVF globally is under 50 percent. In other […]

What are the Common Myths related to Infertility?

Infertility may be a bottleneck to your dreams of parenting a baby. It may be a temporary phenomenon due to some medical problem or deficiency. Modern science has devised a plethora of techniques to cure infertility, even at the age of 40. However, what is worst are the notions and the misconceptions by the not-so-educated […]