Covid19 and Pregnancy

Covid19 and Pregnancy

How does Covid-19 affect Pregnant Women?

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has impacted the economy and the global dynamics world over.  Anything from businesses, Sensex, production houses, travel industry to the economy at large, has taken a nose-dive in the growth charts.

The virus is contagious and has touched millions of people all over the globe. It is observed that children and older people are more vulnerable to the deadly virus.

For a pregnant woman, it is a well-stated fact that pregnancy makes immunity weaker. Now with the virus prevalent all around, you have all the reasons to fear that it might affect you earlier than others.

Ace gynecologist in Punjab, Dr. Shivani Bhutani, at EVA Hospital, Ludhiana says, “There is nothing about pregnancy itself that makes a woman more susceptible to being infected. Pregnancy suppresses a woman’s immune system to some extent but this does not mean pregnant women are more likely to contract COVID-19.”

Dr. Shivani is known to alleviate her patients from Corona’s stress and anxiety by guiding them with the right precautions and she advocates staying indoors to avoid contacting many people or being in a marketplace unless unavoidable. 

When can Coronavirus affect Pregnant Women?

You will be more susceptible to Coronavirus in pregnancy if you answer ‘YES’ to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Are you above the age of 35?
  • Have you been overweight or obese?
  • Are you already suffering from medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes that worsen immunity?

Affirmative answers to these questions can put you in the vulnerable category. You must adhere to all the cautions and precautions judiciously.

What Are the Changes That May Happen in Antenatal and Postnatal Care?

As a pregnant woman or recently-delivered mom, you require frequent and timely visits to the doctor and diagnostic centers.

However, Dr. Shivani Bhutani, the best gynecologist in Punjab, makes sure she delivers the best care by calling her patients with appointments only. The following precautions at EVA Hospital have helped her in seeing her patients at ease:

Seek Appointments

The first and foremost precaution against Coronavirus is staying away from crowds or groups and avoiding contact with people. Dr. Bhutani sees her patients strictly with appointments to avoid overcrowding in the clinic and follow the protocol of social distancing. 

Telephonic Consultancy 

A good gynecologist must not hesitate in giving advice over a phone conversation, especially in these testing times.

Dr. Shivani makes sure she is able to diagnose and administer medicines over the phone in case the nursing mother (post-natal) or the pregnant lady (pre-natal) needs help.

This avoids the unnecessary trip of the pregnant lady to the clinic and avoids exposure to people at such times.

Staff Health

Adequate precautions must be taken so that the clinical staff is in good health and adheres to all the Corona precautions carefully.

Dr. Bhutani has always been a rock-solid support for her staff and she guides and counsels them in a way they are not overwhelmed.

The overnight patients and the relatively higher number of patients needing care might flummox the staff keeping coronavirus anxiety in mind. A good gynecologist will help keep her staff patient and calm to be able to serve others.

Mental Health

Coronavirus has affected everyone mentally and created anxiety about meeting friends and family, the pandemic spread of the virus, and the fear of no cure for it yet.

Dr. Bhutani takes consultations on a telephone call over a clinic visit and makes sure her patients are calm, well-guided, and not frayed by the anxiety of the changing societal norms.

Focus on Sanitizing

Pre-natal and post-natal visits are mandatory in some cases. To entertain patients, a stringent sanitization drive is followed regularly at EVA Hospital to rule out even an atom of risk or fallacy.

Right from sanitizing the clinic and the hospital, the staff is also under strict sanitization vigilance.

Dr. Shivani cares for the physical, mental, and moral well-being of her patients. Pre-natal and post-natal care and follow-up are mandatory for the patients and full care and support are needed in such times.

The frequency, appointments, treatments, and care of pre-natal and post-natal treatment changes with the changing scenario at EVA hospital.

What Precautions can you take to Avoid Covid-19?

Coronavirus is termed novel coronavirus and there has been no evidence of what would be the impact on the fetus or the baby if the mother is diagnosed positive with Covid-19. It is a well-known saying-‘prevention is better than cure’. Here are a few tips by the best gynecologist in Punjab for pregnant and nursing mothers to avoid getting infected:

  • Avoid Social Gathering

You must avoid family gatherings and social outings at all costs. Refrain completely from going to leisure centers, pubs, or similar venues where people can gather and the infection can be easily spread. 


  • Use Online Facilities

Even if something urgent has to be purchased or the opinion of the doctor is to be sought, prefer online shopping or online consultation over actual shopping and running to clinics for insignificant purposes.

  • Sanitize is the Mantra

Wash your hands as often as possible and do not touch your nose or mouth when outside the home. Practice sanitizing each thing you bring from outside and wash the fruits and vegetables as thoroughly as possible before stocking them in the refrigerator. 

Use disposable tissue when you or anyone around sneezes or coughs. 

  • Virtual Friendship

Even if you are feeling gloomy or lonely, get in touch with your friends virtually, and alleviate your own spirits. Avoid meeting friends and family at this time. Safety and care of yourself and the baby should be the priority.

  • Eat Healthy and Nutritious

Your diet should be full of nutrition and you must consume your vitamin and calcium pills as prescribed by the doctor.  A healthy body can fight any virus easily. So make sure your diet in pregnancy is well planned and full of nutrition.

Last Words

COVID-19 has created panic all over the globe. You are a new mother or would-be-mother and you are supposed to enjoy the new phase of life.

Let the panic of Coronavirus not affect this beautiful phase of life. Eat healthily and stay fit. If you feel anxious or perturbed, feel free to consult the most humble and expert gynecologist, Dr. Shivani Bhutani, and get a genuine suggestion.