How can you Prevent 4 Most Common Shoulder Injuries?

Do you think shoulder injuries can happen only among athletes? Have you been thinking that only the older population can face chronic shoulder pain? If yes, continue reading the blog to tell you how shoulder injury can happen anytime to anyone while doing simple activities. The worst is that the anatomical structure of the shoulder […]

How can you deal with infertility as a couple

How does Infertility add to Stress in a Couple Relationship and Ways to Deal with it “Nervous breakdown and depression were just at the doorsteps after three consecutive failed IVFs and prolonged infertility,” shivers Natalie (name changed), thinking about the toughest five years when she had to deal with the marital pressure, infertility and the […]

How do you decide the time of Knee Replacement Surgery?

Has climbing the stairs become a menace? Have you been facing difficulty walking a long-distance? Do you find yourself complaining about your worn-out knees too often? It may be time for knee replacement surgery. You may wonder and panic hearing the word ‘surgery’. However, if your knees are troubling and can’t support the daily motion, […]

How to deal with Medical Orthopedic Emergency during Covid-19?

The global pandemic ‘Coronavirus’ causing Covid-19 has shaken the foundations of the world economy and medical fraternity is no exception. The process of taking in emergencies, dealing with routine check-ups, and dealing with impending surgeries has caused anxiety among the orthopedics all over the globe.  The uncertainty looming over the world, the recession in the […]

What is ACL injury and Does it Require Surgery

If you are a soccer player, basketball champion or a football player you are probably familiar with the term ACL. While playing the game if you hear a popping sound and suddenly your knee is giving out under your body weight, you have most likely incurred an ACL injury. This will lead to immense pain […]

Covid-19 and Pregnancy

How does Covid-19 affect Pregnant Woman? Covid-19 or Corona virus has impacted the economy and the global dynamics world over.  Anything from businesses, Sensex, production houses, travel industry to economy at large, has taken nose-dive in the growth charts. The virus is contagious and has touched millions of people all over the globe. It is […]