What Could Cause Recurring Instances of Shoulder Dislocation?

What Could Cause Recurring Instances of Shoulder Dislocation?

Some of you may have experienced multiple instances of shoulder dislocation. Aside from being extremely painful, recurring instances of shoulder dislocation can lead to a great deal of mental stress and trauma, leading to severely damaged overall health.  This makes it pertinent to have a clear understanding of the causes of recurring instances of shoulder dislocation.

Main causes of recurring shoulder dislocation

The time gap between injury and treatment: Orthopaedics are unanimous in their opinion that instances of any shoulder dislocation must be immediately treated and rectified. In case there is a time gap between the injury and the treatment, the risk of repetition of the dislocation is also quite high.

Type of suture anchors: Suture anchors — which for the layman are the stitches used to reattach the torn tendon with the shoulder socket— play a crucial role in determining the future stability of a medically fixed dislocated shoulder. In case 3 or a smaller number of stitches are used to perform the surgery, it may be prone to get dislocated in the future.

Your age and gender: It is a medically proven fact that younger male patients are more likely to suffer a recurrence of shoulder dislocation than older patients. In fact, men between the age of 20 to 29 are considered the most prone group to encounter a recurring shoulder dislocation issue.

Repeated shoulder stress: The risk of repeated shoulder dislocation is also high for athletes participating in sports such as weightlifting, baseball, tennis, swimming, or volleyball. The same is sometimes true for professional painters.

Contact sports: Sports persons who engage in contact continuously run this risk.

Genetics: Genetics could also be instrumental in causing recurring shoulder dislocation. In case you have inherited that body type that has loose ligaments, including your shoulder.