5 Myths and Facts about Test Tube Baby Treatment

5 Myths and Facts about Test Tube Baby Treatment

The process of IVF or in-vitro fertilization has come by far and has helped millions of couples have a baby of their own. IVF may not have had acceptance much earlier but with the increase in a number of infertility cases, the process is now widely acclaimed and accepted. Young couples now actually seek information and the gynecologist’s help to make babies with test-tube baby treatment.

In the process of IVF, the egg is combined with sperm outside the female womb and the fertilization takes place in a controlled environment in a test tube, hence the term test-tube baby. After the embryo is formed, it is transferred to the woman’s uterus and the fertilization process continues as usual.


5 Myths Busted about Test Tube Baby

The procedure of IVF or test-tube babies is often seen with a doubtful eye and is fraught with misconceptions. Here are a few common myths about test-tube babies and their realities:


1. Test Tube babies are born with Malformations and Weakness

IVF or the in-vitro fertilization is an absolutely safe procedure as fertilization takes place in a controlled environment. The risk of having a baby with defects or malformations in IVF is same as that in normal pregnancy. The first-ever test-tube baby was born in 1978 and the process has come a long way since then.

Hardly 2% of patients may have a chance of suffering from ovarian-hyper stimulation syndrome. As far as the baby is concerned, there is no reason for the baby to be infected with deformities.

2. The Sex of the baby can be Chosen

IVF follows strict protocols and the rules are abiding for all the doctors. The doctor may, however, consider gender detection in case there is a risk of the patient transferring gender-specific genetic disease. The process of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is very expensive to determine the sex of the baby.

Apart from this Dr. Shivani Bhutani, an ace gynecologist in Punjab says having a baby is the foremost concern of childless couples and the sex of the baby doesn’t matter.

3. Test Tube Babies are Artificial or Designer babies

A very common misconception is that one can choose specific baby traits and have a customized baby. Dr. Shivani totally opposes this and says that in the process of genetic selection the healthy embryos are selected and not specific genes or characteristics.

IVF is not a process of the characteristic catalog where traits can be chosen. Test tube babies are as normal and natural as normal pregnancy babies.

4. Test Tube Babies are a legacy of the Rich and Famous

IVF is an expensive process because of the controlled environmental conditions and procedural requirements. However, the costs of IVF haven’t been rising making it affordable for many couples. The last few years have seen a whopping upsurge in couples seeking cutting-edge IVF treatments.

5. Test Tube Babies are Infertile

Dr. Shivani rules out this myth completely saying test tube baby treatment is sought by couples who have reproductive problems or when age is a factor. This does not mean that genetic infertility is transferred to the off-springs. Test tubes babies are as normal and healthy as naturally conceived babies.


IVF is a life-changing phenomenon for those who have always wanted to parent a baby. For any doubt or query contact Dr. Shivani Bhutani, Eva Hospital, and get an opinion based on facts and truths regarding IVF pregnancies and test-tube babies. Let IVF help you build an ideal family with big smiles.