Verilast- 30 years of Life to the Knees

Verilast- 30 years of Life to the Knees

You have tried anti-inflammatory pills and pain killers over and over again, yet no respite to the knees reeling under pain and pressure.

Getting up from bed, sitting on the pot, or even sitting on a low sofa seems to be a challenge. Walking around the house has also become a mammoth task!

It’s high time to consult an orthopedic and seek help to get relief from the increasing pain. After a series of physical examinations, medical tests, a review of your medical history, and the intensity of the pain in the knee, the doctor might prescribe a course of medicines and exercises.

In the worst case, if the knee pain is restricting mobility and causing an obstruction in the daily activities, the orthopedic may recommend a partial or total knee replacement.


Knee Replacement Surgery

With continued pain, stiffness, and the inability to move about, the knee replacement surgery will give a new life to you for years to come.

The worn ends of the bones and the hard cartilage are removed and replaced with metal and plastic parts in knee surgery.

The plastic is the new cartilage helping in the free movement of the joint. The artificial joint has interlocking parts that allow the knee to bend smoothly.

Usually, people have a knee replacement when they are 60 years of age or above. But it is highly recommended not to wait and get the surgery done earlier so that the knee is not further deformed or damaged.


The New Miracle-Verilast

The major drawback of the knee replacement was the replacement joints could wear off easily causing difficulty in movement. Most knee replacements could last only 20 years and further revision surgery would be needed if the patient got the surgery done at an early age.

With new development in medical science, the technology of Verilast has broken the shackles and the new knee replacement embedded with the Verilast technology can give life to the knee for 30 years.

Verilast technology is the first-ever technology to combine an Oxinum Oxidized Zirconium femoral component with a highly cross-linked ultra-high molecular weight polythene (UHM-WPE) tibial insert to form an advanced knee replacement.

Oxinium was created by oxidizing zirconium transforming the surface into a ceramic. This technology has helped the younger pool of athletes get the knee replacement done and get rid of the pain and stiffness in the knee.


What are the Advantages of Verilast Knee Replacement?

With an 81% reduction in wear in simulated lab tests compared to the conventional knee replacement, the Verilast technology is rightly claimed as ‘30 years lifetime of use’.

Following are some advantages of Verilast knee replacement:

  • Verilast technology offers an active solution for total knee replacement for patients with metal allergy or sensitivity.
  • Younger patients can benefit from the 30-year potential of the new Verilast knee and the anti-wear expectations can be relatively higher.
  • The knee lasts afresh for 30 years which is almost double the conventional knee replacement wear rate.

The Verilast offers wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions.

Is Verilast Knee for Everyone?

Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, the best orthopedic surgeon of Punjab, says Verilast knee is a phenomenal revolution in the field of total knee replacement. This Oxinium joint is best suited for younger patients as it lasts 30 years and the need for the revision surgery is ruled out if the patients adhere to the restrictions in mobile activities as recommended by the surgeon.

Even the increase in obesity rates has made the Verilast knee popular. Each pound of weight added to the body means additional stress to the knee. This has caused the wear and tear of the knee at a faster rate and hence the demand for a sustainable knee has increased.

Last Words

Dr. Tanveer Bhutani is the Verilast knee or the Oxinium Joint specialist in Punjab. He says for older patients, the conventional strategies of total knee replacement have proven successful. However, younger people or people with a very active lifestyle and the obese generation need the 30-year knee. Contact Dr. Bhutani at Eva Hospital, Ludhiana for any kind of pain and stiffness in the knee.