What is the Right Diet to Boost Fertility?

What is the Right Diet to Boost Fertility?

Motherhood is a quintessential female requirement. The internet and grandma’s bag are full of tips to suggest food when you get pregnant to endure a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

But have you ever thought what goes inside the body before getting pregnant has a huge impact on the chances of getting pregnant?

The Harvard Medical School has proven in a study of diet and fertility that the food items you consume determine your chances of getting pregnant.

The best infertility expert of Punjab, Dr. Shivani Bhutani says there are a few factors like age and genetics that lead to infertility and these are beyond control.

However, the intake of both men and women while trying to or planning to conceive will make a huge impact on fertility.

Do some Super Foods help in Getting Pregnant?

Dr. Shivani Bhutani suggests that if you start eating the way you would while you are pregnant solves half the dilemma.

‘Load up more than half your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables and the battle is won should be the mantra.

Eating a nutrient-rich meal is safer and better than popping supplements. There are certain nutrients that go a long way in inducing and activating the fertility cycle.

Dr. Bhutani clarifies that there are some superfoods that endorse fertility; however, they are not complete solutions to infertility.

The food one eats affects the level of hormones, the quality of the blood and its circulation, and above all fertility by helping to regulate and time the menstrual cycle in women and the quality and quantity of sperm production in men.


What are the Super Foods that Help Women in getting Pregnant?

A diet comprising healthy nutrients is the key to easy fertility and pregnancy. Read the following categories of food items to be included or not included in the diet of women who wish to get pregnant:

  1. Protein

For a healthy pregnancy and fertility, the quantum of protein, zinc, and iron must be increased in diet and are found in chicken and pork devoid of fat. You must avoid red meat and fish protein.

Eggs and plant protein is the best source of protein during the conception phase. Beans, nuts, tofu, seeds, and legumes like chickpeas and lentils are an important sources of plant protein and must be included in the diet.

  1. Fats

Dr. Shivani recommends healthy, plant-based fats in moderation. Studies have shown that good mono-saturated fats in the form of nuts, avocados, olive oil, and grape seeds reduce inflammation in the body, regulate ovulation and improve fertility.

However unsaturated fats and all trans fats should be strictly avoided. The lip-smacking French fries, commercial snack foods, and margarine of some types must be avoided in order to increase fertility.

These types of fats increase insulin resistance leading to metabolic disturbances and difficulty in ovulation.

  1. Dairy

The whole milk and the intake of yogurt, specifically homemade yogurt or Greek-style yogurt help in improving the chances of getting pregnant. The probiotic microbes help in improving fertility as well as the good mental health of the fetus.

  1. Complex Crabs

The body has a tendency to digest bad carbs like cookies, cakes, white rice, and white bread quickly compared to complex carbs.

Complex carbs or ‘slow carbs’ or ‘the good carbs’ are found in beans, brown rice, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and are digested slowly and have a controlled effect on blood sugar and insulin.

They are also a source of vitamin B, vitamin E, and fiber which are all fertility inducers.

  1. Whole Foods

Dr. Bhutani insists on eating whole complex foods than processed foods. According to Telegraph UK, a Mediterranean Diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish and olive oil has significantly higher chances of boosting pregnancy.

  1. Vitamins

Folic acid and iron have known to stipulate fertility hormones and must be started at the time you even think of planning a family.

The gynecologist will recommend the daily optimum dosage and starting in the right quantity will help in overcoming ovulatory infertility.


What are Fertility Foods for Men?

It is said that if both the man and the woman fill up their plates with healthy, fresh, and homemade food items, the chances of conception are way much higher.

Food items like asparagus, sunflower seeds, zinc, a variety of cheese, and high dairy intake have been known to increase sperm motility and sperm concentration.

Last Words

Good chances of fertility are very important if the couple wishes to start a family. Nothing beats the goodness that comes from a colorful plate loaded with a high healthful quotient and improves fertility in a more natural way.

You must consult Punjab’s best fertility expert, Dr. Shivani Bhutani from EVA Hospital for the right kind of diet suggestions to enhance fertility and enjoy your way to a healthy pregnancy.