How can you choose the Perfect IVF Clinic?

How can you choose the Perfect IVF Clinic?

Have you been reeling under the moral pressure of being infertile? Does any baby poster evoke feelings of motherhood and longing to cuddle a baby? Has motherhood been a long-due dream? Well, it’s time to consult a gynecologist who can help you with fertility treatments.

But the next question is how to choose the most suitable infertility treatment clinic with hundreds of them looming in your area.

Choosing infertility clinics is, in a way, an irreversible decision because it involves a substantial quantum of money and you do not wish to waste any more time and effort in trying a new clinic.

Since pregnancy is a personal and subjective matter, so is the choice of the fertility clinic. What may have worked for a friend or relative may not be suitable for you.

The best infertility expert in Punjab, Dr. Shivani Bhutani, EVA Hospital, Ludhiana, states that there are some factors you must consider before choosing an infertility clinic and doctor.

The gynecologist should be expert, empathetic, and experienced enough to lead you to the doors of pregnancy.

What are the factors that determine a Good IVF Clinic?

You may have read amazing reviews on Google or heard tons of praises about an infertility clinic. However, you must engage in extensive research before finalizing an infertility clinic.

You must access information from the website and get an overview. Next, you must speak to the customer representative over the phone and enquire about all the questions you have in mind.

Google reviews and opinions of past clients or acquaintances can help you form an opinion. Lastly never hesitate to meet and get in touch with prospective gynecologists to assess your level of comfort with them.

Dr. Bhutani says most clinics are honest and competitive. But you need to choose the one that suits your needs and has high success rates. Following factors must be considered when you choose a fertility clinic

  1. Diagnostic Procedures

Each clinic follows a different procedure to diagnose and monitor the causes of infertility. You need to check if the urine tests, hormone tests, detailed scans, and sperm function tests are done before the commencement of the treatment.

Dr. Bhutani strongly advocates staying away from pretentious clinics that offer high-end redundant treatments or unrequired fancy treatments.

At EVA Hospital, Dr. Shivani recommends the required and necessary tests and avoids unnecessary testing expenditure and hassle.

  1. IVF Costs of the Procedures

Infertility treatments can cause a dent in the pocket. The costs of IVF and other treatments must be inquired, compared, and analyzed keeping in mind what all medicines and procedures are included in the package. This is an important step as it helps to build faith in the doctor and the treatment procedure.

Make sure the clinic is well equipped to provide a comprehensive range of treatments in the best interest of the patient as EVA Hospital makes sure for all its patients.

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  1. Counseling Services

The services of a counseling doctor are indispensable as the whole process of infertility treatment can be quite challenging and mentally stimulating.

You must find out if apart from infertility treatment, the team of doctors is there to support you mentally and morally. As a couple, a counselor should be available to help you sail through this tumultuous treatment phase.

At EVA Hospital, Dr. Shivani along with her team is always there to support, guide, and motivate the patient to stay strong as they pass through various barricades before reaching the altar of parenthood.

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  1. Approachability and Communication with the doctor

Is the doctor available for advice on a phone or email or a message? Or does the doctor strictly adhere to the formal route of communication? Also, it must be considered that you must find the gynecologist approachable and patient to answer all the queries and doubts you nurse during this uncertain phase of body changes.

Dr. Shivani Bhutani at EVA Hospital has earned the reputation of being a ‘people’s person’ where she takes up the doubts and inhibitions of her patients with utmost care and affection.

She treats each patient equally and helps them to uncover each aspect of the treatment as well as discuss their health physically and mentally.

  1. Process of Sperm collection, Egg collection, and Ovarian Stimulation

The testing procedures and the various stages of infertility treatment like sperm collection, ovary stimulation, and egg collection are very important as they determine the success rate of IVF and other procedures.

The internal quality control measures must be analyzed before zeroing down on the clinic. Various clinics experience failure at the time of storage of eggs and it results in a massive loss of patient’s time and money.

“The choice of the right clinic as well a number of variables like woman’s health and weight, the cause of infertility, body anatomy, hormone status, pregnancy history, and previous failed IVF attempt tantamount to the success rate of infertility treatments,” says Dr. Bhutani.


Over to You

Infertility treatments can cost you time and money. According to a study by the Journal of American Medicine, the success rate of live births after one cycle was 29% whereas it was 63% after six cycles.

So be wary of the experience and education of the doctor, the costs of the treatment along with what all facilities and treatments are covered and the insurance coverage are a few important factors worth considering before choosing an IVF clinic.

For an exemplary holistic experience in infertility treatments, pregnancy and childbirth, get in touch with Dr. Shivani Bhutani at EVA Hospital and get the best fertility treatment in Ludhiana.