How can you Prevent 4 Most Common Shoulder Injuries?

How can you Prevent 4 Most Common Shoulder Injuries?

Do you think shoulder injuries can happen only among athletes?

Have you been thinking that only the older population can face chronic shoulder pain?

If yes, continue reading the blog to tell you how shoulder injury can happen anytime to anyone while doing simple activities. The worst is that the anatomical structure of the shoulder is intertwined to other parts of the body and pain in the shoulder can adversely affect multiple muscles, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Shoulder injury- minor or chronic, can render you incapacitated to perform the daily chores and may keep you off from the game for an indefinite period of time.

What are the Most Shoulder Injuries?

There are many types of shoulder injuries but the following are the four most common shoulder injuries:

  • Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is a condition where the socket joint wears off and the ball lining begins to scar down. This leads to tightness in the joint and this affects the ability of the arm to move to and fro. This leads to a limited range of motion while performing simple tasks like combing hair or even dressing up. 

Diabetes, old age, or just suddenly; frozen shoulder has no specific causes and can catch you unaware. 

The best orthopedic of Punjab, Dr. Tanveer Bhutani says, “Most of the shoulder pains are common and treatable. You must watch out for signs of tiredness and fatigue at an early stage.”


  • Rotator Cuff Tears

If you are a person with an active lifestyle or you are in sports or construction industry, you may have come across a person with this common shoulder injury – rotator cuff injury. Acute fall, repeated overhead motion, or normal wear and tear can exacerbate in rotator cuff tear. An older person can get a rotator cuff injury without any external stimulation suddenly. This tear may take time to heal or may require surgery to cure. “It is advisable to always listen to the body while doing your work. If you feel pain, dullness, or aches in your shoulder and upper arm, you are probably becoming a victim to rotator cuff tear,” advises Dr. Bhutani.


  • Shoulder Impingement

When one or more rotator cuff tendons get trapped between the shoulder bones during the arm movement, you are likely to experience excruciating pain, swelling, or inflammation in the shoulder joint. This causes acute pain that worsens with movement, pinching sensation during the movement of shoulder, and difficulty in the up and down motion of the arm. 

“In order to avoid steroidal injections or invasive surgery, you must modify or stop the activity that makes the shoulder vulnerable or susceptible to intense pain,” guides the best orthopedic of Punjab. “This problem is also called ‘swimmer’s shoulder’ and is characteristic of people who work with their arms overhead like painters and swimmers. Repeated movements over a long period of time can cause this kind of pain.”


  • Labral Tear 

Are you facing instability in your shoulder? A catching, locking, or grinding feeling in the shoulder implies a tear in the tissue that connects the socket of the scapula and the head of the humerus. While playing games like tennis or pitching a baseball, a sudden, quick, and repetitive movement can cause tears in the labral tissue leading to severe pain and instability in the shoulder.

Dr. Bhutani advocates that prevention is better than cure. Hence the players must work on strengthening and stretching the shoulder and other joints before entering a game with quick, repetitive movements.

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How can you Prevent Common Shoulder Injuries?

The tissues between the shoulder blade, chest wall, arm, and shoulder are interlinked and any disruption in one can cause pain in the other related parts. The first and foremost troubleshooting center is to identify the activity that causes mild discomfort and to avoid the quick, repetitive movements. 

Rotator cuff and shoulder impingement are the most common shoulder injuries. The common causes of shoulder pain are osteoarthritis, fracture, tendonitis, and instability in the shoulder. Sudden falls, accidents, twists in the game while pitching or catching the ball can cause immense pain and damage. Sometimes even disturbed sleep or wrong posture or lack of rest can be a troubleshooter. 

Dr. Tanveer Bhutani is an experienced orthopedic surgeon and an expert sports injury specialist. ‘Stay strong and stay fit,’ is his fitness mantra. He suggests all his patient’s practice exercises with the right technique. A vulnerable shoulder can be put to risk with wrong postures and wrong techniques. Exercises with resistance bands are the most effective for shoulder strengthening workouts.

In case you are suffering from acute shoulder pain coupled with osteoarthritis, which can worsen the pain further, you must consult the best orthopedic and seek an opinion regarding shoulder joint replacement surgery. The expertise and experience of the surgeon can help you recover faster and resume your daily activities. 


Over to You

Losing your agility or slowing down the motion due to acute shoulder pain can be stressful. There are ways to prevent shoulder injuries or traumas. Stiffness in the shoulder or pain while combing or drying the hair can be a cause of worry.

For best consultancy to prevent the pain or to avoid any shoulder injury or to seek help regarding the shoulder joint replacement, contact Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, EVA Hospital, Ludhiana. With expertise in sports injury and surgery, Dr. Bhutani is a Board-certified orthopedic, expert in suggesting a range of motions and strength exercises to prevent shoulder injuries. Do not delay your journey toward a healthy and strong shoulder.