IVF Treatment: How to Prepare your Body for the Procedure?

IVF Treatment: How to Prepare your Body for the Procedure?

In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is increasingly becoming a popular choice for a large number of couples, facing fertility-related issues of various types. However, the chances of your IVF treatment reaching its logical conclusion — that you are able to get pregnant, and have a baby —depends largely on how well your body and mind are prepared to take this treatment. This guide will help you achieve those twin targets by following a 7-point program.

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Tip 1: Educate yourself about IVF


It is only natural that you would have many questions and concerns about the IVF procedure. Now, digital mediums have made sure you have information at the tip of your fingers. Naturally, there is a sea of information available online for your consumption on this subject as well. A couple that has decided to become parents with the help of IVF must use this information to be better prepared for the IVF treatment. However, make sure the information you are consuming is taken from authentic sources, preferably from well-established medical journals, medical practitioners and hospitals.

Tip 2: Watch what you eat

Food is the fuel on which your body runs. Since the chances of your IVF treatment getting successful improve manifold if your body is well prepared for it, you have to fuel it with the right food. Your diet should consist of foods rich in iron, protein, zinc, and folic acid while you must also keep yourself well-hydrated by consuming an adequate amount of water.

Tip 3: Watch your weight

There is medical evidence that obesity increases the risk of miscarriage and poorer outcomes through IVF. The same is also true if you are underweight. Maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI) is crucial for your IVF treatment to be successful in the first attempt. Find out your BMI, and try to keep it within the normal range.


Body mass index: What is normal?

BMI below 19: Underweight

BMI between 19 and 24: Normal

BMI between 25 and 29: Overweight

BMI over 30: Obese

Tip 4: Exercise regularly

Before your IVF treatment, focus on low-impact exercises meant to relieve your body of fatigue and relax your mind from stress and anxiety. This is precisely why yoga and walking are considered highly effective workout programs for would-be moms. Avoid any high-intensity work-outs.

Tip 5: Refrain from smoking, drug and substance abuse

None of the items enumerated above is good for your body and mind. They would invariably interfere with the outcomes of the IVF treatment while also impacting the development and delivery outcomes. They have to be completely cut off before and during the IVF procedure and after you achieve pregnancy.

Tip 6: Trust only an expert

With the popularity of IVF, clinics offering various artificial reproductive treatments have also mushroomed. Now, it is imperative that you find a trusted and well-established IVF specialist with an impeccable track record. On all these parameters, you would find EVA IVF up to the mark.

Tip 7: Think positive

As they say, no positive outcomes are achieved with a negative attitude. Even as you prepare your body for your upcoming pregnancy, keep away all negative sentiments. Keeping in touch with your loved ones, engaging in recreational activities, cultivating a hobby, getting in touch with your creative side, etc., could all be parts of a thoroughly-devised plan to keep yourself occupied and happy, and not allow yourself time to obsess about IVF procedure and outcomes. Channelize all your energy towards focusing on preparing yourself rather than worrying about the end result.


What should you not do before IVF?

Before IVF, you have to follow a thoroughly designed lifestyle plan to ensure that your body weight is at a normal level and your body has all the nutrition it needs to support pregnancy. Anything that deters you from this plan has to be avoided.

How can I make my IVF successful on the first attempt?

You can improve your chances of making the IVF treatment successful by following the tips discussed in this guide.