How quickly can you Expect to get Pregnant?

How quickly can you Expect to get Pregnant?

Your world changes the moment you think of planning a baby. Getting pregnant becomes the most prior thing once the idea of entering the threshold of motherhood enters your mind. The factors which determine the time it takes to get pregnant are usually age, well-timed intercourse, and a body ready to accept the pregnancy.


What is the best time for intercourse to get Pregnant?

Best time to get Pregnant: Some women get pregnant very quickly. Nearly 1 out of every three women can get pregnant within a month if they time the intercourse around ovulation days.

Ovulating days or fertile days have to be calculated and having unprotected intercourse during the fertile days increases your chances of getting pregnant.

It is important to know when you ovulate each month to get pregnant quickly. Dr. Shivani Bhutani, the leading infertility expert of Punjab, says that having unprotected intercourse on the days of ovulation leads to the best results.

Ovulation happens 10 to 16 days before the start of your next period. This will help you determine the cycle length before planning pregnancy. When an egg is released from the ovary, calculate the day before that and the day after that as the most fertile days.


Some factors that may help you calculate Ovulation are:

  • Release of Eggs

The egg lives for nearly 12-24 hours after it is released and if it comes in contact with the sperm during this time, you can get pregnant instantly. You may also note that the life of the sperm is about 5 days inside a female body and if intercourse takes place around the ovulation days, chances are that sperm in the body can fertilize the eggs.

  • Body Temperature

Note your body temperature each morning when you wake up and you will notice a rise of about 0.2 degrees Celsius when the ovulation has taken place. Though this is not a conclusive means to get pregnant, yet you may monitor body temperature to assess the fertile window.

  • Changes in Mucous

A sticky, white mucus is secreted by the cervix throughout the menstrual cycle. Gauge the secretion and as it becomes thinner, clearer and increases in secretion, ovulation is either going to start or it is going on. The best time to have intercourse or the ‘peak day’ is when you experience the wetter secretions.

There is an ovulation test kit that also detects a particular hormone in urine that signifies the onset of ovulation. After you calculate ovulation, the position of intercourse will also determine how quickly the sperm and the egg can mate.

The man should be able to ejaculate sperm into the vagina and the position of the intercourse doesn’t matter. However, it is advisable that the woman raises her leg upwards for a while post-intercourse so that the sperm can travel to the womb and is not ejected from the body.


How long will it take to get Pregnant?

If you have had regularly unprotected (without the use of contraceptives or condoms) vaginal intercourse every two to three days, the chances are that under the age of 40, more than 8 out of every 10 women can get pregnant within one year. 90% of the couples can conceive within 2 years of unprotected intercourse.

The age of the couple is very significant. Beyond 35 years of age, the fertility quotient goes lower. The number of eggs and sperm production decreases with increasing age. Beyond 40 years of age, you may be advised of particular fertility treatments.

You must seek advice from the best gynecologist around you if you do not get pregnant within one year of unprotected intercourse at the time of ovulation. Dr. Shivani says, stressing too much about getting pregnant also delays your chances of getting pregnant. So you must enjoy and have stress-free intercourse while you plan a baby.

The doctor will analyze the causes of your not getting pregnant and thus may vary with age, fertility timings, weight, infertility symptoms, or maybe just a ‘matter of time’.

Last words

Dr. Shivani from EVA Hospital advises women to be active, have a normal weight, avoid alcohol and smoking, and follow a healthy, balanced diet to get pregnant quickly.

A healthy body with a stress-free mind has better chances of conception. For any queries or suggestions to get pregnant quickly, contact Dr. Shivani Bhutani for the most genuine advice.