What are the Common Myths related to Infertility?

What are the Common Myths related to Infertility?

Infertility may be a bottleneck to your dreams of parenting a baby. It may be a temporary phenomenon due to some medical problem or deficiency.

Modern science has devised a plethora of techniques to cure infertility, even at the age of 40. However, what is worst are the notions and the misconceptions by the not-so-educated near and dear ones which makes infertility sound like a stigma!

“Infertility myths have existed since time immemorial and it is very important to be educated about the nuances of the myths and understand the facts related to infertility,” says Punjab’s best gynecologist, Dr. Shivani Bhutani, EVA Hospital and adds, “The easy access to mammoth information on the internet along with the unsolicited advice by the relatives and friends based on hear-say can trigger the fire and make it an inferno.” Dr. Bhutani insists on gaining the correct knowledge and getting rid of the myths attached to infertility.

Let’s Bust some common Infertility myths

Infertility is a common problem among couples, especially among couples trying to conceive over the age of 35. Nearly 2 in 10 couples have conception difficulties in the United States. Dr. Bhutani has compiled a list of common infertility myths and helped correct the myths to help couples fight the problem of infertility.

Myth One: Only Women are responsible for being Infertile

Female infertility has been a highlight since ages in the male-dominant society. If a couple isn’t conceiving well in time after the marriage, usually the female has to bear the brunt of infertility. However, Dr. Bhutani asserts that the fact is male infertility rates have been much higher in the modern age due to lifestyle, smoking, and drinking. Sperm disorders, blockages, low sperm count can be a few reasons accountable for male infertility. 

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As much as a woman’s menstrual cycle is responsible for fertility, so is the male testicles, sperm count, and quality of sperms responsible for the pregnancy. Both the partners must get the infertility tests done and take the required precautions and medications after the appropriate symptoms and lacuna are diagnosed. “It isn’t alone a woman’s responsibility in the event of infertility,” asserts Dr. Bhutani. “The society must not make infertility a stigma for a woman.”

Myth Two: Pregnancy is impossible after the age of 35

If you are a certain age, you will hear tales of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts around you. You may come to the conclusion that if you are above the age of 35, you may not be able to conceive anytime in your life.

Dr. Bhutani clarifies this and says you must do a reality check before coming to any conclusion. With the advent of infertility treatments, women between the age of 35 and 39 can easily get pregnant within one year of trying and women over the age of 40 also have benefitted from treatments like IUI and IVF. Age is material but not the sole criterion for getting pregnant. You must consult a trusted gynecologist and get the causes of infertility diagnosed.

Myth Three: Medications and Pills make you Infertile

Pills are commonly mistaken to lead to infertility. Many people believe that if you take hormonal pills for too long, you may never be able to conceive and you may become infertile. It is believed that the pills may bring about hormonal imbalance and lead to long-term infertility.

Dr. Bhutani busts this myth and says it is common for couples to conceive within a few weeks as they wane off the pills. Infertility or delay in pregnancy may be due to some other reasons which can be diagnosed by various tests. It is common for women to ovulate as soon as they go off pills. You must not go by the hear-say and consult an experienced gynecologist as soon as you plan to parent a baby.

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Myth Four: Don’t worry if you are Healthy and Simply Relax

It is commonly believed that you are healthy-looking and the perfect age, then why stress over pregnancy. The common myth is that stress may overwhelm you, so you need to just be a bit laid back and go with the flow.

However, Dr. Bhutani busts this myth saying that it is not about being healthy or looking healthy alone. Undoubtedly stress triggers negative hormones that affect the whole process of conception. But if you have been trying to get pregnant for over six months, despite the healthy looks, there could be other reasons for not being able to conceive. Simply being laid back may not help. You should rather seek the guidance of an able gynecologist to detect the causes of pregnancy and validate the causes. You could be suffering from unexplained fertility and the cure for the same may not be as simple. 

Myth Five: If you have delivered earlier, you can’t be Infertile

If you are already a parent, it is a common belief that you can get pregnant easily. What is known as secondary fertility has affected more than half the U.S. population?

Reasons like pelvic scarring, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, defective ovulation, or poor sperm quality could creep in and make the second pregnancy tougher.

Hence Dr. Bhutani clearly suggests that no two pregnancies for the same lady may be the same. Simply said each pregnancy is an altogether different journey, even if you have walked the path once, the route would be different each time.

This clearly means that due to any reason you may have a hard time getting pregnant and either of the partners may have worsened their reproductive condition. The complications during the earlier pregnancy and delivery may make the second conception impossible. Dr. Shivani says getting a diagnosis well in time can save a lot of damage.

What is Your Take?

Infertility is a medical problem that can be catered to with proper and timely diagnosis and treatment. Do not let any advice by an unprofessional acquaintance or friendly remark by a friend or relative mar your confidence.

Get in touch with Punjab’s best and most trusted gynecologist, Dr. Shivani Bhutani at EVA Hospital, Ludhiana, and get all the myths related to infertility bust well in time. Dr. Shivani has had the experience and forte in dealing with infertility and letting people achieve their dreams of attaining parenthood.

Let your dreams come to reality and pave the way to cherish the cuddles by the tiny arms.