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    Ovarian Cysts Treatment in Ludhiana

    An ovarian cyst is a rising problem in females. It is a medical condition in which fluid-filled sacs are developed in the female ovary. In most cases, ovarian cysts are benign. However, there are cases reported where cysts have become cancerous. It is a concern worthy problem when you are planning to expand your family. At Eva Hospital, we offer ovarian cyst treatment to females suffering from the condition. Ovarian cysts can be of varied shapes and sizes, and our team of experts is capable of treating them successfully.

    Ovarian cysts are of two types – physiological and pathological. In women of childbearing age, physiological cysts, also known as functional ovarian cysts, are found. This type of cysts causes the main hindrance in conceiving a child. At Eva Hospital, Dr. Shivani Bhutani is an expert in treating ovarian cysts of all sizes, types and extent.

    Trusted treatment for ovarian cysts

    An ovarian cyst can become a serious problem in no time when not attended at the right time. Consulting a doctor is recommended to avoid the situation from getting worse. The common symptoms of ovarian cyst range from pain and discomfort in the abdomen to irregular periods, severe pain in the abdomen from the bursting of the cyst to swelling because of the large cyst and more. An ovarian cyst can also affect the female hormones in the body, which can lead to abnormal symptoms. Our expert team of doctors treats the problem from the root cause to ensure that no further growth and discomfort is reported.

    Affordable ovarian cyst treatment

    At Eva Hospital, we offer affordable treatment for ovarian cysts. We aim to keep the cost of our treatments cost-effective to ensure every person can afford it without any difficulty. Our treatment is not only effective but also easy to afford.

    Ovarian cyst removal operation

    Eva Hospital is a top-rated hospital for ovarian cyst treatment in India. We also specialise in offering IVF treatment and infertility treatment. Dr. Shivani Bhutani is a reputed doctor who is an expert in treating ovarian cyst problems.

    Dealing with reoccurring ovarian cysts problem? Consult with the expert and get a permanent treatment.

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