Normal Delivery

What is Normal Delivery or Natural Childbirth

Normal delivery, often referred to as natural childbirth, is the process of giving birth to a baby through without any operation or C-section. This is the most common way for babies to be born. It typically occurs without significant medical intervention, although medications for pain relief, like epidurals, can be used.

Benefits of normal delivery include shorter hospital stays, lower infection rates, quicker recovery, and immediate contact with the baby, which can help with bonding and breastfeeding. Normal delivery is seen as a safe and effective way of childbirth for most women, although it’s important to have a healthcare provider assess each individual case to determine the best and safest method of delivery.


What are the benefits of Normal Delivery?

  • Quicker Recovery: Women often have a shorter hospital stay and recover faster compared to cesarean section.
  • Lower Infection Risk: Reduced risk of infections and surgical complications associated with cesarean births.
  • Health Benefits for Baby: Exposure to beneficial bacteria during birth, which can boost the baby’s immune system, and reduced risk of respiratory problems due to the pressure of the birth canal.
  • Immediate Bonding: Allows for immediate skin-to-skin contact, enhancing maternal-infant bonding and encouraging breastfeeding.
  • Reduced Future Pregnancy Complications: Lower risk of complications in subsequent pregnancies, unlike risks associated with cesarean sections.

Process involved in Normal Delivery:

  • Early and Active Labor: Begins with mild, irregular contractions that gradually become stronger and more regular, causing the cervix to dilate and efface. In active labor, contractions intensify, and the cervix dilates more rapidly.
  • Pushing and Birth: The mother pushes to help the baby move through the birth canal, leading to the baby’s birth.
  • Delivery of the Placenta: Following the baby’s birth, contractions continue to help deliver the placenta.
  • Postpartum Period: Healthcare providers check for any required medical attention and monitor the mother’s recovery.

Why choose EVA Hospital for Normal Delivery of your baby:

Choosing EVA Hospital in Ludhiana for the normal delivery of your baby is a commendable choice, particularly under the expert care of Dr. Shivani Bhutani. EVA Hospital is recognized for its state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology, which ensure a safe and comfortable environment for childbirth. Dr. Shivani Bhutani, renowned for her expertise in obstetrics, leads a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who provide personalized care and support throughout the pregnancy and delivery process. Her extensive experience and patient-centered approach in managing various childbirth scenarios guarantee the health and safety of both mother and baby.

Additionally, EVA Hospital offers comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, including educational sessions, making it an excellent choice for expecting families seeking a positive and secure childbirth experience under the guidance of a trusted professional like Dr. Bhutani.

EVA’s Patient Information Confidentiality Policy

At EVA Hospital, Ludhiana, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of our patients’ personal and health information, recognizing the sensitive nature of medical data. Our commitment includes collecting information directly from patients or their legal representatives for quality medical care and operational purposes, and using this information strictly for medical treatment, billing, and healthcare operations, as well as legal requirements. We ensure that patient information is not disclosed without explicit consent, except as mandated by law. Stringent security measures are in place to safeguard patient data from unauthorized access, and our staff is thoroughly trained in these confidentiality protocols. Patients have the right to access and request amendments to their medical records and are entitled to information on disclosures as per applicable laws. We adhere to all relevant legal standards for patient information protection and continuously review and update our policies to maintain the highest privacy and confidentiality standards. Our dedication to these principles reflects our respect for the trust our patients place in us.


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After 15 years trying to conceive, several losses, multiple failed IUls and a failed IVF cycle from other fertility clinics with a frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility, thank God I found Dr. Shivani Bhutani

Ruchika Batta

Words can not describe how amazing Dr.Shivani bhutani and staff is. She is knowledgeable, takes time to answer questions...

Sahil Sharma
Patient's Husband

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