What are the Alternate Treatments to Cure Infertility?

What are the Alternate Treatments to Cure Infertility?

Getting married at the age of 32, Shiva, tried her best to mother a baby. After a few months of unsuccessful attempts, she consulted a gynecologist who recommended In-vitro fertilization (IVF). But Shivia knew she could not afford the cost of IVF at any point in time. Shattered, she was upset for a long time. Little did she know that there are alternate treatment therapies that can help the body gain the vitality to nurture a baby.

Dr. Shivani Bhutani, an expert gynecologist in North India, says that getting pregnant is the process of mating two healthy bodies and two healthy minds.

The onus lies in creating a sound body where the embryo can grow and stay. Dr. Bhutani suggests a few alternative therapies that can aid the body to get its nutrients and gain strength to bear a baby.


What are the Safest Alternative Therapies to Get Pregnant?

Dr. Bhutani says that the following alternate therapies are mechanisms, which along with medical treatment, can ensure a healthy and sound body to get pregnant and fight infertility:

  • Yoga

Yoga is an age-old therapy from the yore of the yogis of the bygone era. Yoga was the secret of their ageless skin and health. Dr. Bhutani says the specific asanas in yoga can help increase the libido, make your body and mind stress-free, improve the blood circulation and heal the vices (doshas) in the body which prevent you from getting pregnant. 

The calming techniques in yoga are good for all age groups for holistic development in the body and definitely make you calm enough to deal with the stress of infertility.

  • Acupuncture

The age-old Chinese practice of using needles and energy, Acupuncture, has now proved that this can be an effective aid to help avoid miscarriages and enhance the success rate of IVF. The anecdotal success of acupuncture as an alternate source of treatment is commendable. Studies have shown that IVF patients can get huge success with the help of acupuncture treatments done at the hands of specialists. 

Dr. Bhutani, an experienced infertility expert, says that cases of unexplained infertility, where the cause of infertility or miscarriages cannot be known, can be dealt with with this alternate therapy.

  • Diet rich in Nutrients

The old saying –

‘You are what you eat, holds true in magnanimous proportion in pregnancy and fertility. 

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IVF alone cannot help you get and stay pregnant if your body has been exposed to too many vices like alcohol and cigarettes. A sound body can be prepared by incorporating healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that promote fertility. 

Healthy oils, Omega-3, flaxseeds, green vegetables, sesame, plant-based proteins, and dairy products help in controlling hormones production, keeping insulin in check, and enhancing regular ovulation. 

Dr. Bhutani advocates a healthy diet much before you even plan to get pregnant. She emphasizes a healthy diet for both the man as well as the woman to be able to conceive a baby. 

  • Exercise and Meditation

You need to gain control over your lives before entering parenthood. Exercise stimulates the pregnancy hormones and meditation helps alleviate stress due to infertility and other tensions. You need to be at peace to get pregnant soon. Shiva realized that stress was the most important factor that was curtailing pregnancy. Meditation helped her gain peace of mind to welcome the baby and get pregnant.

Last Words 

Pregnancy is a feeling of utmost joy in the world. The thought of parenting the little bundle of joy can be the happiest feeling.

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