The Young Adult Knee and Early Arthritis – what to know

Although arthritis is a condition mostly attributed to the senior population, athletes and young adults are also susceptible. Knee arthritis is defined as a group of conditions caused by defective articular cartilage and alterations in bone morphology. It is considered the most prevalent type of arthritis, and the most notable health issue that permeates modern […]

How can you Prevent 4 Most Common Shoulder Injuries?

Do you think shoulder injuries can happen only among athletes? Have you been thinking that only the older population can face chronic shoulder pain? If yes, continue reading the blog to tell you how shoulder injury can happen anytime to anyone while doing simple activities. The worst is that the anatomical structure of the shoulder […]

What is Oxinium Knee Replacement?

The fast-paced world has extended the total knee replacement to the younger generation as well. With sports injuries and other mishaps, the knee surgeries or the knee replacements have extended to the old and the young alike. The choice of the type of knee replacement is contingent on several factors- age of the patient, the […]