Post Care Tips – Arthoscopic Knee Surgery by Dr. Tanveer Bhutani

Post Care Tips – Arthoscopic Knee Surgery by Dr. Tanveer Bhutani

Knee Surgery is synonymous with a new lease of life and renewed energy to resume work. For marking the surgery a complete success, the post-surgery instructions have to be adhered to carefully.

For relief from constant pain and stiffness due to bone damage or any deformity, the choice of knee surgery is the right option.

Coming back to the usual routine with full gusto may take about 4-6 weeks. For quick healing and recovery, the patient has to follow the discharge instructions coupled with the medicine instructions judiciously.

The health care experts and the surgeon will guide you on the exercise, rest, discharge equipment, and follow-up appointment.

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A list of handy tips will help you recover without much struggle. The following list has been curated under the able aegis of Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, Punjab’s best ortho-surgeon

  • Exercise

Regular exercise regime must be carried on pre and post the surgery. The level of activity and exercise will be contingent on the age and status of the patient. The walk is usually the best exercise and the surgeon will guide you about the pace and distance of the walk. Gradually the patient can increase the momentum as the healing gets better. ‘Exercise is thy medicine. Muscle-strengthening exercises work in healing a patient faster.

  • Medications

The initial wounds must be thoroughly cleaned so that the chances of infection are decreased. To maintain suppleness, coconut oil can be externally applied. The patient will be administered antibiotics for some time so that no bacterial infection seeps in.

Pain killers and other medications will be discussed at length by the medical practitioner so that the chances of inflammation are minimized.

  • Body Posture

The regular walk must be carried on.

Also, strenuous workouts or fitness activities like swimming, cycling, badminton, golf, or any other activity which requires movement of the lower limbs is gradually started after 6-8 weeks.

  • Role of footwear

For successful knee surgery, the patient must wear comfortable, supportive, well-cushioned shoes outdoors. Heels or other fancy shoes are not advisable in the beginning.

  • Word of Caution

It is advisable to take care of a rugged surface so as to avoid any twisting or sudden jerk to the knee. Do not keep a pillow or any other object underneath the knee so as to avoid a permanent knee-bend. Stiffness and inflammation may take longer to settle in some patients than the others.

Make sure you are regular on the follow-ups so that the pace of healing can be monitored. Also, any untoward changes can be gauged when the patient is regular in the follow-up visits.

Dr. Tanveer Bhutani is the best knee surgeon in Punjab and he has won many accolades to his name in the recent past. His patient testimonials are a blend of his polite demeanor and professional acumen. The innumerable successful knee surgeries are a testimony to his proficiency and expertise.