Privacy Policy

EVA Hospital is dedicated to the well-being of its patients and it also includes keeping your private information safe and protected. This privacy policy of EVA Hospital, hereby to be notified as Hospital, we, us or our, is created with the intent to make the users of the website aware of the practices we follow to keep their private information protected. We collect, use, and disclose your personal data and the privacy policy underlines the steps we take to make the process seal proof.

Collection of information and its use:

EVA Hospital collects the personal information of the users of the website to alleviate the level of experience and services we offer to our patients. By reading this Privacy Policy, you agree to our terms of collection and use of your personal data as laid out under the privacy policy.

We collect different types of personal information about you and use it for a range of purposes to improvise our services. The type of personal data we collect includes:

Personal Data:

As you register on our website, we ask you to provide certain information that allows us to personally identify you as an individual. The information is ideally used to contact you or identify you as a person. This information may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Name
  • Complete postal Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact information- Telephone Number
  • Medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Health fund details
  • Billing details/ account details

The information is collected directly from you and by providing it to us you agree that it is correct.

Data Usage:

We may also collect information about how you use our website. The usage data for our website may include:

  • IP Address
  • Browser type
  • The pages that you visit
  • Time of your stay on our website
  • Unique device identifiers
  • Miscellaneous diagnostic data


When you access our website, there are certain cookies files that are stored back in your system. Cookies are standard files which are stored in the hard drive of your computer by any website you access or use. These cookies send unique information to the website owner, in order to help them enhance their services. We may also use beacons, tags, and scripts to collect and use the information from you and use it further for our service enhancement.

As a user, you always have the power to refuse the cookies in the first place. However, it is recommended to accept cookies as without them you might not be able to use certain features of the website. The cookies we use include:

  • Session Cookies
  • Preference Cookies
  • Security Cookies

The purpose of collecting and using your personal information:

The sole purpose of collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information is to provide you with better treatments and services at our infertility and orthopaedic hospital. We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Make treatment team aware of your details
  • For communication with the referring medical practitioners
  • For laboratory analysis purposes at other laboratories
  • Accounts and billing processes
  • Managing quality assurance, practice accreditation, market analysis, and record keeping purposes
  • Provide care and support of best extent
  • Ensure high level of services, results and customer satisfaction

Disclosure of Data

In certain cases, usually legally bound situations, the hospital may disclose your data under good faith practices. The conditions under which we may disclose your data include:

  • Complying for a legal obligation
  • For protecting or defending the rights or any property of the hospital
  • Preventing or investigating any wrong doing
  • To protect users of the website/ service or public from any threat
  • To abide by any legal liability

Third party use:

We value your privacy and take every possible step to ensure you feel safe while using our website. We have the right to disclose aggregated information of an individual user as permitted under the applicable laws. The information may be shared with the third parties who are performing any operations on our behalf, aimed at offering you a better experience.


We take every possible measure to ensure that your information is kept private and secure at all the time. Our site is under constant scrutiny to ensure that we follow by all the industry standards and make our systems strong to avoid any unauthorized access and usage.

Link to other websites:

Our website may have links to other websites. When you click on any such link, you will be directed to the third-party website. The third-party websites aren’t covered under our privacy policy and hence it is advised to read their privacy policy before making any enhance of information with them.

Opting Out:

By reading this Privacy Policy, you provide your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data. However, you can anytime opt out of the policy. To do so, you can contact us at [email protected] and revoke your consent.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In case of any changes in our Privacy Policy, we will update the existing policy and made all the information about the changes available to you. However, we will not send any personal message and notification to individual users regarding the change. It is thus advised to you to visit this page of the website frequently and keep yourself updated about the changes.

EVA Hospital holds all the rights to update, edit, or change this Privacy Policy at any time without informing any party involved. Visit our site frequently to keep track of the latest changes.

Policy last updated on 5 Sept, 2019