How to Deal with Stress Due to Infertility?

How to Deal with Stress Due to Infertility?

Infertility is not a simple circumstance to negotiate with. When a substantial amount of time has passed trying to conceive, one is bound to be disheartened.

One encounters social pressure and health issues leading to mental stress dealing and living with stress has serious repercussions such as hormonal imbalance that may further reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

As a thumb rule, if nine to twelve months have passed after you started ‘ trying’ to get pregnant, do not waste any more time. Consult a specialist at the earliest.

Eva Infertility Centre and IVF facility has given hope and helped many couples become parents. They also offer counseling to help you lead a full and stress-free life.

Reach out for Support

Remember, you come first, infertility is secondary. You and your partner should take problems in your stride and get rid of infertility-related stress just as you deal with other issues.

According to statistics, couples who reach out for professional support and counseling cope better with the emotional strain of treatment and the waiting.

Of course, both the partners act as a support system for each other, but when both of them are undergoing emotional turmoil, it becomes crucial to seek external support.

Talk to your doctor directly about counseling. Always be candid with your ob-gyn and share freely.

Be Positive

Happiness and hope is a choice you want to make while dealing with infertility. There are many options available to you with the advancement of technology in this field, IVF being the prime one. Be optimistic about the future, any which way.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy body has a healthy mind and it can show away any stress that infertility may bring! Following a healthy lifestyle must be your priority. It keeps anxiety under control and prevents it from turning into depression.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Sound sleep is a stress buster. Lack of adequate sleep disturbs your entire chemistry. Sleep is a healer. The body cycle starts a healing process when we sleep. Go to bed with a calm mind and keep the seven-hour routine in place.

Consume a Balanced Diet

We all know that diet has a direct effect on hormones and hormones are directly related to fertility.

According to Dr. Shivani Bhutani, an infertility specialist at Eva Hospital,  a balanced diet full of antioxidants reduce stress and promotes the secretion of beneficial hormones.

On the other hand, unhealthy foods such as alcohol, steroids, or supplements deprive the vital organs of essential nutrients. It affects fertility and conception.

Exercise Regularly

Walking, jogging or workouts not only keep your body fit but are also therapeutic. Moreover, overweight adds to infertility problems such as PCOS. Maintaining optimal body weight is crucial for a healthy pregnancy.

Adopt Yoga and Meditation

Stress-related to infertility is a mind game. When you are going through your fertility treatment, your mind also experiences trauma.

You do not want the journey to have the baby you desire, become a  turbulent ride. Keep your mind peaceful via Yoga and Meditation. Meditation heals and keeps you away from anxiety as well as distress.

Follow Your Passion

Do not discontinue your hobbies and passions no matter how stressed you feel. Infertility is not a disease, but mental strain can become one.

Keep going to that painting or dancing class, the spa, or pursue a hobby you always wanted to. Take that holiday or just a day off to treat yourself.

Sprinkling your days with relaxing activities helps a lot and takes your mind off the pressure.

Spend Quality Time with Well-Wishers

Very often one encounters social pressure due to infertility which can be pretty stressful. It is an external factor and can easily be overcome.

Rather, you can use it to your advantage by spending quality time with your friends and well-wishers. You will notice that many people from your close circle can provide you with the support system you require. Surround yourself with love and positive people.


Keep stress at bay. Infertility is curable. The progressive medical technique has enhanced the success rate of IVF and at Eva clinic, you will see the light of hope that will brighten your future forever.