How can Men Improve Their Sperm Quality Before the Process of IVF?

How can Men Improve Their Sperm Quality Before the Process of IVF?

Technically the male partner’s role in the I.V.F. cycle is to provide the sperm for the fertilization of eggs in the embryology lab. To have the best shot while giving their semen sample, men can improve the sperm quality before the process of IVF starts. It should coincide with the egg retrieval stage of the female partner. 

Reproductive cell production in males is also cyclic and it takes about 64 days for the sperm cells to mature before they are ready for ejaculation.

It means that in the time span of 64 days men can behaviorally and nutritionally try to make sure their gametes are the healthiest possible.

As for the diet and lifestyle choices are concerned, they can be adopted 2-3 months before IVF to enhance quality and motility.


What Is The Man’s Role in the Process of IVF? 

Here is a quick summary of what the IVF process involves:

  1. Fertility Drugs for female
  2. Egg Retrieval 
  3. Sperm Retrieval
  4. Fertilization – Male & female gametes are united in a culture.
  5. Implantation- Embryo Transfer to the womb

Sperm Retrieval coincides with egg retrieval (stages 2 and 3)  and can be performed by masturbation or other minimally invasive methods. 


How to Improve Sperm Quality

For couples who are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF, men can do many things to improve the semen quality as well as provide the emotional support that the wife needs.

The cycle takes two to three months and you have time to give your best sample!

Even though millions of sperm are produced every day, they are not of the same quality or morphology and motility. The motility and density may keep changing from time to time.

However, sustaining a healthy diet & lifestyle would help set good foundations for cell production.

Since the cells take anywhere between 2 and 3 months to mature, the options you make in the months before your sperm retrieval procedure can influence its quality. Let us explore which choices can impact your gamete’s quality and count.

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Emotional Health. Studies have shown that couples who underwent counseling before undergoing IVF were better able to handle the challenges of I.V.F. treatment.

Diet. males partaking in infertility treatments should take care of their diet. Dr. Shivani Bhutani, leading Infertility Specialist in Ludhiana, says,” Men undergoing fertility treatments via Assisted Reproductive Technologies(ART) should consume a diet with the best micronutrients.

They are found in abundance in seafood, poultry, dry fruits, whole grains, fruits, and fresh vegetables. 

Stay away from Hormone-Disrupting minerals. There are chemicals like lead, mercury, and parabens, found in non-organic fruits and vegetables, that adversely affect your sperm health. Eva Hospital provides a list of chemicals or foods to avoid.

Keep the Testicles Cool. Heat exposure like that of a hot tub, Jacuzzi, sauna, and even hot shower can lower sperm count. Wear loose airy clothes, and never put your laptop directly on your lap. 

Quit Excessive Alcohol Consumption. If you drink heavily, stop. It will lower the sperm count and quality. The good news is, though, that previous effects of heavy drinking can be reversed.  To improve reproductive health before the process of IVF, cut down on alcohol intake.

Quit Smoking. Better to quit now. Smoking has been found to impact sperm parameters. It puts toxins into the body that are bad for their health.

Sleep. Balance your sleep amount and pattern. Too little, and too much, are a no-no. Sleeping more than nine hours and less than six hours can impact your sperm. So, getting quite the right amount of sleep is important here.

Supplements. There are some vitamins, herbs, and supplements recognized to improve sperm attributes.  They can increase production, quality, and libido as well.

Here are a few from the list:

Vitamin C. Combined with weight loss, some studies have concluded that taking vitamin C can improve sperm motility.

Vitamin D. Researchers have found that sperms have a vitamin D receptor and it is recommended that men preparing for IVF should take a supplement.

Zinc. A link has been found between zinc and infertility in men. Combined with folic acid, add it as a supplement for a while. 

Ashwagandha. This traditional Indian and Ayurvedic medicine has been identified as an outstanding way of treating sexual dysfunction and infertility in males. A 3 months administration found 2.5 times increase in sperm count, 1.5 times boost in semen volume, and motility. 

B Vitamins. Taking a daily dose of B vitamins is a great idea when preparing for IVF.