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    Treating female infertility

    Have you been unsuccessful in conceiving a child despite continuous efforts? If yes, it is essential for you to undergo an infertility diagnosis. Reports suggest that female infertility is at a great rise. When infertility exists in the female partner, it is named as Female infertility. Almost 50% of the total infertility cases reported are due to female infertility factors.

    At Eva Hospital, we are one of top-rated infertility and IVF Treatment clinic in Ludhiana. We offer personalised treatment to every patient as the cause of infertility is different from one individual to another. Before we start the treatment, it is very important to identify the reasons for infertility in the female. Some of the common reasons for female infertility include:

    • Problems with ovulation
    • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
    • Uterus problems
    • Problem in the cervix

    Diagnosis of Female infertility

    Dr. Shivani Bhutani has helped hundreds of females embrace happy parenthood by treating their infertility problems. Dr. Bhutani emphasises on treating the problem from the core and thus performs an in-depth diagnosis of female infertility factors. After performing a thorough physical examination, we recommend a urine test and blood test for more insightful examination. A pelvic exam and breast exam is also performed to identify contributing factors for the condition.

    In case any blockage is suspected, we perform a laparoscopic examination to identify the blockage in the uterus or fallopian tubes. The doctors also perform an ultrasound, hysteroscopy and sonohysterogram to identify all possible reasons for female infertility.

    Top-rated female infertility hospital in Ludhiana

    EVA Hospital is a facility rich hospital offering a comprehensive range of infertility and IVF treatments. We have helped several childless couples in conceiving a healthy child and embrace the joys of parenthood. Dr. Shivani Bhutani is dedicated to help treat women infertility conditions from the core. We offer personalised treatment plans to individuals depending upon the reason of their infertility.

    Promoting awareness to prevent infertility

    Besides offering treatment to infertile women, we also promote awareness for preventing infertility in the first place. We educate women to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, not use illicit drugs, restrict excessive usage of alcohol, maintain personal hygiene as well as visit a Gynaecologist for regular annual check-ups.

    If you are dealing with infertility problems, this is the best time to avail the treatment. Visit us at Eva Hospital and allow us to treat you and aid you in embracing adulthood.

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