What are the common causes of menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia, a condition in which women experience severe blood loss during their menstrual cycles, can have its origin in a variety of existing conditions. Since prolonged menorrhagia can lead to anaemia, and subsequently result in severely ill health, it is of importance that due care is taken to track the underlying causes of the disease, […]

Infertility: Types, Symptoms and Causes

What is Infertility? When one cannot get pregnant after having unprotected, regular sex for six months to one year, depending on the person’s age, it is called infertility. Infertility doesn’t necessarily mean that the man or the woman is sterile or unable to have a child ever in life, it can mean that either of […]

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – The Complete Outlook

What is IUI Treatment- An Overview    Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a type of artificial insemination and fertility treatment, where the washed and concentrated sperm are placed directly in the woman’s uterus around the time of Ovulation, with a hope of the sperm swimming into the fallopian tube and fertilize a waiting egg, increasing the […]

Ovarian Cysts: Diagnosis and Treatment

Ovarian Cyst- Introduction Solid or fluid-filled pockets in or on the ovary, Ovarian Cysts treatment is quite common, especially in pregnant or perimenopausal women. Usually Painless and harmless, one might get one every month as part of the regular menstrual cycle and never know as they usually go away on their own without treatment. However, […]

Retrograde Ejaculation- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Overview of Retrograde Ejaculation  A condition where the semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm is known as Retrograde Ejaculation.  Though the man may sexually climax, he might ejaculate very little or not at all. This is also called a dry orgasm. Though not harmful, retrograde ejaculation can cause male […]

What Is ICSI?

ICSI- An Introduction  The head of the sperm must attach to the outside of the egg before a man’s sperm can fertilize a woman’s egg. This sperm then pushes through the outer layer to the inside of the egg for the fertilization to take place. However, sometimes the sperm is unable to penetrate the outer […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Overview Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Pregnancy is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels during their childbearing years. Women’s ovaries, the reproductive organs that produce the menstrual cycle regulating oestrogen and progesterone are affected in PCOS.   A small amount of male hormones called androgens is also produced by ovaries. An egg is released by […]

What Are the Risks of IVF?

Introduction IVF is a popular technique of assisted reproduction in which a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs are mixed in a laboratory dish, and then one or more fertilized eggs are transferred into the woman’s uterus, where they may embed in the uterine lining and develop.  What is IVF Technique and progress in the […]