Those who are not able to conceive despite continuous efforts can become parents through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), an artificial reproductive technique with a great success rate. While IVF has been around for over 40 years and has helped millions of couples materialize their parenthood dream, several confusions prevail when it comes to procedural knowledge about […]

Several health conditions can prevent a woman from getting in the family way. Vaginismus is considered one of those problems. While only one per cent of all women suffer from this condition, it does make them wonder how Vaginismus affects pregnancy. In this article, we would find the answer to that question. As a first […]

How Vitamin D Impacts Fertility?

The Sunshine vitamin – more formally known as Vitamin D or calciferol – is responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. Apart from that, it performs many other biological effects, ultimately ensuring our bone immunity, overall physical and mental health.   Rise in Vitamin D deficiency   A study in 2020 showed […]

Is IVF Procedure Painful?

IVF has become one of the most prominent artificial reproductive techniques to treat infertility, making it a popular choice across the world. In case you too are considering this remedy to start your own family, several questions pop into your head. Whether this procedure is painful or not is one of those key questions. In […]

The success of your in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the healthcare practitioner you choose to help you achieve the dream of becoming a parent with the help of this artificial reproductive technology. Since IVF is a specialized treatment, a couple must judge the efficiency of the healthcare provider of […]

Your diet is the single determiner of your physical health. This also means that your diet would play a crucial role in ensuring your body is fully prepared and completely receptive to the IVF treatment and yield positive outcomes. In our previous posts, we have spoken about what to eat; in this one, we are […]

Busting 5 common myths about IVF

In recent times, there have been a lot of studies done on the effects of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). This is primarily because the popularity of this method has led to a lot of speculation and hearsay in the public, regarding its effects. In this guide, we are going to bust some of those myths and […]

Finding highly qualified medical experts and getting the most effective medical care is key to already improving your odds in favor of achieving pregnancy through in-vitro fertilization. In addition to this, there are several ways in which you can improve the chances of having the outcome you desire.  In this article, we will touch upon […]

In recent times, numerous studies have focussed on the effectiveness of in-vitro fertilization and its success rate, considering this artificial reproductive technique enables people with little hope of being parents to start their own families. IVF is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for infertility today. According to data from the Canadian […]