Repeated shoulder dislocation: What it means and factor that cause the issue

Patients with previous shoulder dislocations are at high risk of suffering repeated episodes of the mishap, if due caution is not exercised on their part. However, to understand the severity of the situation and to avoid multiple shoulder dislocations, it becomes pertinent to understand the following points: What exactly happens when your shoulder is dislocated? […]

What are the common causes of menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia, a condition in which women experience severe blood loss during their menstrual cycles, can have its origin in a variety of existing conditions. Since prolonged menorrhagia can lead to anaemia, and subsequently result in severely ill health, it is of importance that due care is taken to track the underlying causes of the disease, […]

Exercises before Knee Replacement Surgery

Exercises before knee replacement surgery In case your doctor has recommended knee replacement surgery after having seen your physical, you will have to prepare your body for a future operation. This basically means strengthening knee muscles so that the impact of the surgery is not adverse on your body, the recovery after surgery is speedy […]

Total Hip Replacement Risks and Complications

What is Total Hip Replacement?   Surgically removing the damaged sections of the hip joint and replacing them with parts usually designed of metal, ceramic and very hard plastic is known as Total Hip Replacement. The artificial joint helps reduce pain and improve function, enabling the person to resume normal physical activity. Total hip arthroplasty […]

Test Tube Baby: Know Why and How It Is Done?

Overview -Test Tube Baby   The conception of a child outside the mother’s uterus is referred to as the Test tube baby. The term was first used in 1978 when the first human egg was fertilized outside of the human body.  The technique of the best test tube baby center is referred to as IVF, […]

Infertility: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Introduction: An Infertility    If one is under 35 years of age and unable to get pregnant after having unprotected, regular sex for six months to one year, it can be a sign of infertility. There are no definite symptoms of infertility. However, Women with infertility may sometimes have irregular or absent menstrual periods and […]

Dealing With a Sports Injury

What Is Sports Injury?   Every athlete or sportsperson is susceptible to experiencing an injury that can impact them mentally and physically, during their career.   The sportsman’s ability to cope with the injury and an adequate method of dealing with these injuries can go a long way to help them to return to their […]

Infertility: Types, Symptoms and Causes

What is Infertility? When one cannot get pregnant after having unprotected, regular sex for six months to one year, depending on the person’s age, it is called infertility. Infertility doesn’t necessarily mean that the man or the woman is sterile or unable to have a child ever in life, it can mean that either of […]

Muscle Strains: Diagnosis and Treatment

Few Things to Know About Muscle Strain   An overstretched or overworked muscle can result in a muscle strain, an injury of a muscle or its attaching tendons ( the fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones). The muscle strains treatment can range from a minor injury that only involves overstretching of a muscle or […]