कोरोना महामारी के चलते लॉकडाउन में कई जोड़ों ने गर्भधारण करने के प्लानिंग की और उनके बच्चे भी हुए। क्योंकि ज्यादातर लोग घरों में ही थे तो गर्भवती होना काफी सहज लगा। चूंकि आजकल कोरोना वायरस का एक दूसरा दौर चल रहा है जो काफी अधिक संक्रामक है, तो यह गर्भवती महिलाओं में भी कई […]

In the pandemic lockdowns, many couples planned pregnancy and had children as well. It felt safe as most people were in their homes. However, now that coronavirus and its different variants have surfaced with more vitality and contagiousness, there are a lot of apprehensions. If pregnant women are exposed to any Covid-19, they need more […]

As a natural response to the pandemic of COVID-19, some people have had to postpone their joint surgeries. Delaying the treatment for joint problems has had an adverse impact on the patients’ pain, movement, social interaction, and general well-being. Dealing with Physical discomfort combined with situational stress is proving challenging for them. Just as people […]

Covid-19 or the most dreaded Coronavirus has adversely affected the people, businesses, and the world economy at large. The economies have been upended and touched their lowest-ever with no jobs and businesses at a standstill. Talking about the health of the people, the virus has touched the old and the young with a fatal grip […]

The global pandemic ‘Coronavirus’ causing Covid-19 has shaken the foundations of the world economy and the medical fraternity is no exception. The process of taking in emergencies, dealing with routine check-ups, and dealing with impending surgeries has caused anxiety among orthopedics all over the globe.  The uncertainty looming over the world, the recession in the […]

Covid19 and Pregnancy

How does Covid-19 affect Pregnant Women? Covid-19 or Coronavirus has impacted the economy and the global dynamics world over.  Anything from businesses, Sensex, production houses, travel industry to the economy at large, has taken a nose-dive in the growth charts. The virus is contagious and has touched millions of people all over the globe. It […]