Different Types of Joint Replacement Surgeries

Introduction to the Joint Replacement Surgeries In the human skeletal system, the point where two bones meet is known as the joint. A procedure that helps people to relieve chronic joint pain and improve joint mobility when other non-surgical treatments do not yield results is known as Joint Replacement Surgery.  Persistent joint pain and a […]

Arthritis and Hip Replacement Surgery

Introduction A procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a treatment for arthritis in hips and knees and replaces it with an artificial joint mostly made from metal and plastic components is called Hip Replacement Surgery.  One of the most suitable and effective options after all other treatments have not been able to provide adequate […]

What Is a Hip Flexor Strain and How Is It Treated?

Hip flexor strain is most frequently triggered by “over-usage”. Another way you may get these is osteoarthritis or direct trauma to the posterior. Though not usually serious, this injury can be pretty painful if not treated early. Gaining knowledge about the strain in the joint that connects the pelvis and femur, and its symptoms can help one […]