Is Infertility Related to Lifestyle?

Is Infertility Related to Lifestyle?

Modern-day lifestyle or the fast tech-gizmo age, as you may call it, has deeply affected the lives and health of many. The modern age comes with a lot of boons but the benefits of technology and the western lifestyle have entrenched so deep in our lifestyle that it has actually hampered the health and the body mechanisms. Surprisingly the rate of infertility affects nearly 10-15% of the population according to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction. The urban population is worse affected where nearly one out of six couples are infertile. “The high rate of infertility, especially in urban population, can be traced to the root cause of it and that is unhealthy lifestyle,” says Punjab’s best infertility expert gynecologist, Dr. ShivaniBhutani, EVA Hospital, Ludhiana.

Delayed marriages because of focus on careers, late nights, eating quick-food and sedentary lifestyle are the major vices that have struck the couples in a fix when they endeavor to plan a family. Eating healthy food is an age-old adage but in this fast-paced life, the young generation tends to pick up ready-to-eat, pre-processed food with a westernized life which involves partying or working late up till night and not adhering to the lifestyles of the bygone era of the yogis. Infertility can be due to one or more explained reasons or unexplained infertility, and this can be difficult and challenging for the couple mentally, physically, and financially. If you agree so far, read the blog as you will get some simple ideas to maintain a lifestyle that keeps you fit and fertile.

What are the Lifestyle Changes that can help you gain Fertility?

Usually, the gynecologists will recommend a trillion of scans and tests to diagnose the root cause of infertility. Dr. Shivani recommends mending the lifestyle early in the stage so that infertility can be avoided at the outset. A comprehensive list of ideal lifestyle changes is curated by Dr. Bhutani and adopting the following measures can prevent infertility and help you conceive soon:

  1. Monitor your Weight

Ideal weight may be a high goal for you but being overweight can be challenging for attaining pregnancy. Obesity can interfere with the reproductive system and pose hormonal imbalances. Sexual hormones imbalance make fertility a far-away dream.

Being underweight also is not in sync with pregnancy. The irregularity in the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance because of being underweight can pose challenges to fertility. Dr. Bhutani advises her clients to focus on ideal body weight and work on achieving a consistently normal body weight. The ideal weight helps you to conceive naturally without any complications.

  1. Exercise your way to Good Health

Exercising is the key to fit body and mind. You may undermine the importance of exercising in pregnancy but this is the tool to achieve a positive mindset, perfect hormonal balance and it opens the gateway to fertility.

Various forms of exercises like yoga and meditation can nourish the body holistically, while walk, swimming, aerobics, and Pilates can balance the hormones. The modern-day adage is- ‘Fertile hormones reside in a healthy body.’

The other benefits of exercise like stress reduction, anxiety control, weight check, and muscle strengthening contribute significantly to fertility. Dr. Bhutani recommends that you must indulge in light exercise regularly and consistently. Strenuous exercises can interfere with the process of conception, so you should adhere to mild and consistent exercise patterns.

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  1. Eat Healthy- What goes in matters

This is the biggest factor that is sometimes ruled out by binge eating or mood swings. Sometimes you may land in a pool of emotional eating driven by a gust of emotions. Dr. Bhutani strongly recommends a balanced proportion of nutrients, vitamins, minerals along with proteins to be a part of daily dietary portions. Your diet should be sans saturated fats and processed foods. Essential supplements like folic acid along with what goes in the body as food will affect the level of fertility in the body.

Due to stress and ever surmounting pressures, one can easily succumb to cravings and indulge in food that is considered junk. You must restrain and keep your mindfulness intact so that you eat all that is pure, freshly prepared, and healthy.

It is no rocket science that you must have to give up addictions like drinking and smoking and also avoid caffeine intake. Fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and dairy are highly recommended in the food chart.

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  1. Check the Sleep Quotient

Adequate sleep is really important for an ideal body. Rest makes your mind and body productive. Mindfulness is the key to happy living and a happier body, and this is the reason Dr. Bhutani advises her patients to strictly avoid screen time and technology an hour or two before bedtime, have dinner by 7.00 pm and live a stress-free life. Quality sleep is essential for the hormones to function appropriately. It is not the number of hours you sleep; what counts is the quality of sleep.

Gadgets like few digital watches have sleep settings that tell you about the quality of sleep and you may work on the lacuna of sleep by practicing meditation and relaxation. A warm water bath before bedtime works as a therapy for a sound night sleep to make the mind productive and the body fertile.

  1. Drink the Potion of Goodness- Water

Adam’s ale or water is the magical drink that is underrated by the youth. Drinking adequate water per day is the magical therapy that can heal the damaged cervical mucus and be a silent cure for many ailments. As it is a well-known fact that the human body is made of 60% water and to be hale and hearty you must consume an average 3 liters of water and stay hydrated all through. This does not include the water in the caffeinated drinks but includes the liquid content in juices.

“Half the infertility woes will be eliminated if you stay well hydrated,” points the most experienced gynecologist, Dr. ShivaniBhutani and adds, “Cervical mucus transports and protects sperm in the fallopian tubes that lead to fertilization. A well-hydrated cervical mucus facilitates the easier movement of sperm without any hindrance.” Hence stick to a strict water regime and stay hydrated.

Last Words

It is no surprise that a well-nourished and well-looked after the body will be more fertile than an over-weight and undernourished body. If you plan to make babies, you must plan well in advance the right time and quantity to eat and drink along with a well-framed exercise routine. Planning conception should go hand in hand in planning a balanced lifestyle so that infertility does not crop in. For best fertility-related tips and lifestyle-related guidance, feel free to seek help from the best gynecologist in Punjab, Dr. ShivaniBhutani, EVA Hospital, and plan an easy pregnancy. Fertility is your right and you must not hesitate to make a few lifestyle changes to see a baby cuddling in your arms.