Importance of Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Importance of Physical Activity During Pregnancy

The Cherished Dream-Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a cherished dream of many women and is also quite a delicate period. It is important to pay due attention to one’s health for safe delivery and overall fitness. 


Many times expectant mothers and their family members have questions and doubts about physical activity during pregnancy, its duration, strenuousness of exercise, and how much of activity is considered ‘safe’. 


Dr. Shivani Bhutani from Eva hospital suggests that physical activity can actually do wonders to mother and baby’s health. In fact, regular and moderate exercise during pregnancy can minimize some common discomforts like constant fatigue and backache. 


It also aids in improving the overall mood and induces a sense of calm throughout this period.


Overcoming Challenges Through Physical Activity

Pregnancy, even though a beautiful period, is replete with its own little yet annoying physical challenges like constipation, bloating, swelling, and backaches. 


Moving your body throughout the pregnancy can help with reducing the symptoms associated with these physical issues. 


Even though it can be seen as a perfect time to sit and relax, it can be fraught with some difficult experiences like feeling more tired than usual and frequent mood swings. 


Studies have shown that being active during the pregnancy is actually useful in the following ways:

  • Mood booster 
  • Increases energy levels
  • Minimizes backaches, bloating, and constipation
  • Ensures better sleep
  • Less likelihood of excessive weight gain
  • Sound sleep
  • Strengthens muscles 
  • Increases endurance level


Not only this, but regular moderate exercise can also in some cases shorten the labor time, along with reducing the risk of C-Section. 


What kind of Physical Activity is Advised?

If you have been physically active before pregnancy, you can continue to exercise, under the guidance of your trainer and due consultation with the doctor. 


However, if you haven’t been much of an exercise person before, it is a good idea to start with moderate walking for about 20-25 minutes every day. It offers all benefits of physical activity without putting too much stress on your body. 


Some other safe options for physical activity during pregnancy include walking, swimming, jogging, and cycling on a stationary bike. 


You can start with as little as walking within your home for 20-30 minutes to taking a walk around the neighborhood park; consistency is the key. The idea is to keep your and your baby’s fitness in mind all the time.


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Being physically active can increase your strength and stamina and allow you to cope up with the body changes during pregnancy. You can also try Prenatal Yoga under the strict guidance and supervision of a certified Yoga trainer.

Regular physical activity improves fitness, leads to fewer complications in delivery, reduces back and pelvic pain, minimizes anxiety, improves posture, and also helps in quicker recuperation post-delivery. 


There are also immense emotional benefits of adhering to a physical activity routine during pregnancy which include better mood, a sense of relative calm, resilience, self-belief, and increased confidence levels.


The overall well-being of mother and baby thus can be significantly and positively impacted by regular physical activity during the pregnancy. 


Let Pregnancy be a time to not only care and imagine the best for the baby but also a promise to give as much love and care to your own body.