Growing old or aging with grace- what is your status? Do you feel the lack of vitality and vigor as you are aging? Is weakness in bones a frequent complaint? You may be feeling it in the form of pain in the knees and legs, wrist and spine.

The bone mass intensity is at its highest by the age of 30 and it starts deteriorating as you age further. The levels of calcium drop down in the body and the bones become fragile and brittle, thus prone to fractures. This condition is called osteoporosis. If the research says that by the age of 50, you can easily break your bones, the condition is grave and needs serious attention. 

“1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 4 men are prone to fractures during their lifetime. When the bones and body structures aren’t ready to support your body weight, the bone tends to break and it’s a visible sign of osteoporosis,” says Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, the best orthopedic in Punjab. He strongly recommends that women take extra care as their calcium and estrogen levels dwindle away after menopause and they are more likely to suffer from pain in the bones and fractures.

Bones tend to weaken when the new bone is formed at a lesser speed than its consumption. Factors like diet, menopause, lifestyle habits like smoking and tobacco, lack of exercise can be fatal to the bones after the age of 30. Men may start to experience osteopenia and osteoporosis after the age of 50 but women tend to face the problem soon after menopause. The worse of all is arthritis and its symptoms.

Weight is the biggest factor affecting the bones and anyone who is overweight by the standard norms is more likely to experience fractures and fragility in bones. Lack of vitamin D and calcium in body or not taking in the needful supplements can be risky for the bone health. Irregular hormonal balance and intake of some medications for longer period can affect bones adversely. You can also become more prone to sports injuries if you do not exercise caution.

Strengthening your bones should be in the priority list as bones and the skeletal system are the backbone of a well-functioning body. If the bones are weak, you will be gradually incapacitated to do your daily chores. Also you will be exposed to frequent fractures. Dr. Taneer Bhutani suggests a few measures which will help you to make your bones stronger as you age:

Women after 30s and men after 45 must be watchful of the supplement intake. Consult a good orthopedic and revamp the intake of calcium supplements. Vitamin D and calcium supplements are mandatory and must be taken after getting the prescribed dosage and frequency.

“What goes in the body determines the output of the body,” says Dr. Tanveer Bhutani. The diet must be loaded with dairy products like milk, cheese, low fat milk, soy milk and almonds. The most important sources of calcium are green, leafy vegetables, leguminous pulses, salmon and nuts. Eat your way to healthy bones and start nourishing the body with calcium from natural sources from a tender age.

After having read the fatal consequences of bone weakness, are you still smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming too much caffeine? If yes, you must stop it immediately as these vices are eating up your bones and are more likely to lead to osteoporosis sooner than expected. You must avoid tobacco and consume drinks as per the minimum allowed portions by your orthopedic.

However contrary it may sound, exercising, walking and strength exercises are the most effective ways to strengthen the bones. Strength building, weight training and forms like dancing, cycling and swimming strengthen the core muscles and make your body resistant to injuries and falls. Exercising minimum 30-45 minutes five times a week is a mandatory requirement. You must consult a good orthopedic around you to seek advice on the duration and the type of exercises that are beneficial to your body.

Have you been spending time with sun absorbing the natural and free-of-cost Vitamin D that it provides? Spending about 10-15 minutes in the morning sun is like a therapy for the bones for the children and the adult alike. Stock up Vitamin D as you sit and read a book in sun or play with your children in the outdoors. 

Get regular Dexa scans done to check your bone density. Also if you study the past history of bone density of your parents, you will understand how much and at what age you need to start strengthening your bones. Since you cannot reverse the genes composition, you can at least start taking care of your bones at an earlier age so that you don’t fall in the trap of weak bones anytime soon.

Bones disorder starts from middle age onwards and shows gruesome signals as you age. It is very important to build a good foundation of the bones from 30s onwards. Get regular checks done and for the best advice on strong bones health, get in touch with Ludhiana’s best orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Tanveer Bhutani, EVA Hospital and plan your way to healthy bones for a healthier old age.