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    Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip replacement surgery, as the name suggests is a surgical medical procedure in which any painful part of the hip joint is removed by the surgeon. The pain might be an outcome of prolonged arthritis or a result of any injury. The joint is replaced with an artificial joint which is often made of metal or similar material. The orthopaedic first tries to treat the pain through medicines and other therapies, however, when no relief is experienced, hip replacement surgery is performed as the last resort. At EVA hospital, Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is a commended orthopaedic in India with years of experience and knowledge base. He has successfully performed several hip replacement surgeries and offers relief to those suffering from excruciating hip joint pain and resume normal day to day functions.

    Hip replacement surgery is of two types:

    • cemented hip replacement
    • uncemented hip replacement

    EVA hospital offers bot cemented and uncemented hip replacement treatment in Ludhiana.

    Cemented hip replacement in Ludhiana

    In the case of cemented hip replacement, the artificial hip joint or prosthetic is fixed to the bone using special bone cement. This type ofhip replacement offers more longevity and is often recommended by the doctors. The cement is quick-drying and results are easily visible in no time. A clean and stable bone bed is prepared using special tools to which an artificial joint is connected using specialised bone cement.

    Uncemented hip replacement in Ludhiana

    Unlike its counterpart, uncemented hip replacement, also known as cementless hip replacement procedure uses a press-fit joint to replace the affected bone. There is no cement used and the press-fir fixture as space inside to allow the bone to grow. Over time, the bone grows and takes theshape of the press-fit joint to form a strong bond.

    Depending upon your condition and preferences, we offer you the best suitable hip replacement treatment at Eva hospital.

    Affordable ACL reconstruction treatment

    EVA Hospital is a reputed Infertility and Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana. We offer affordable ACL reconstruction treatment and ensure that the surgery offers the best results. We are a well-facilitated hospital with state of the art equipment. Under the guidance of Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani, we have offered successful treatment for ACL Reconstruction to many patients.
    Connect with us today for affordable ACL reconstruction treatment!

    Hip replacement cost in Ludhiana

    Eva hospital aims to keep the cost of procedures affordable to ensure it is well within the approach of our patients. Our hip replacement cost in Ludhiana is very cost-effective. We make sure that you do not stay deprivedofthe best treatment just because of the budgetary constraints. 

    Contact us today and let our experts offer you the best solution for your hip and joints problems.

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