Various conditions related to the tendons in your body may become a cause of pain and restricted mobility. These conditions include ailments like tendinitis and tendinosis.  While the terms tendinitis and tendinosis are sometimes used interchangeably, the two conditions that impact your tendons are not the same. Despite identical symptoms and a certain level of […]

What is Stress Fracture?

One of the most common injury risks among sportspersons is the stress fracture. This is because of the very nature of some sports where the sportsperson is required to perform fixed actions for prolonged durations through their entire career. This makes it imperative for them to understand the injury and make use of prevention methods […]

Modern-day lifestyle, and underlying health conditions or injuries could lead to recurring shoulder pain— a condition that can disrupt your normal life in so many ways. Shoulder pain could be because of a variety of reasons, and depending on the exact reason, it can be treated through self-healing, medical intervention and/or doctor’s guidance. Addressing the […]

Studies conducted on the subject show ballgames claim a lion’s share in injuries suffered during sports. Also, football presents the greatest risk for concussions of all sports, data suggest. In this article, we would talk about some of the most common injuries a player can suffer while playing various ballgames such as football, volleyball, racquetball, […]

Your bones, which are highly instrumental in maintaining your well-being, are made up of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, potassium, and protein. A diet rich in the above-mentioned nutrients is key to maintaining bone health and density. This is why experts typically advise you to maintain a diet consisting of green vegetables, citrus fruit, seafood, […]

Overuse of specific movements or injuries can cause damage to your shoulder, causing pain and discomfort. Nearly 10% of all shoulder injuries could be SLAP tears or labrum tears, a point of discussion in this article.   What is SLAP tear?   Superior Labrum, Anterior to Posterior tears (SLAP tears) is damaged in the labrum […]

Lifestyle and dietary negligence are leading to a spurt in the number of cases in India where body joints have a wide variety of issues. However, modern science has also made it possible to nip such issues in the bud through a minimally invasive procedure known as arthroscopy. This brings us to the point, what […]