8 Most Common Sports Injuries

8 Most Common Sports Injuries

For maintaining a perfectly healthy life it’s always good to indulge in one or more sports, especially if you are someone who finds going to gyms extremely boring.

So you see, only athletes aren’t the ones indulging in sports nowadays. Engaging in one or more sports activities can both be exciting and beneficial for your health, but life doesn’t go as perfectly as we want. Does it?

People trip and fall, make some wrong movement in some wrong direction and end up getting sports injuries as a consequence.

And you can trust only one person blindly with sports injuries and that is Dr. Tanveer Bhutani. He is the go-to person for many popular athletes in town.

There are several forms of sports injuries, but the most common sports injuries like Strains, Sprains, Fractures, Knee Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Shin Splint, and Concussion are as discussed below details.



Talking about strains, this is the most common form of sports injury that you will find. Most of the time these muscles or moving body parts are stretched more than they are supposed to be, or moved in ways they shouldn’t be which is why they get damaged or ruptured resulting in strains.

But what do you do when you have really bad strains that are intolerable?? That’s when Dr. Tanveer Bhutani comes to your rescue with his expertise. His recommended physical therapy for strains is just magical and is bound to give you relief very soon so that you can get back to being active as soon as possible.



Sprains can generally give you inflammation or spasms. While sprains can happen to the thumb, wrist, knee, and ankle, ankle sprains are the most common ones but that doesn’t mean one should stay away from exercising or playing in fear of getting sprains. If you are someone who can’t wait for the injury to heal soon so that you can get back to sports again, then Dr. Bhutani should be your go-to doctor.

He doesn’t just prescribe the needed NSAIDs but also recommends protecting the ankle with a cast or a boot which will heal your ankle the fastest way possible. His very organized treatment plan is bound to restore your health the fastest way possible.



Fractures can happen as a result of acute sports-related trauma or even repetitive stress on that part of the body. As we know fractures can be really painful and can take months to heal it is always safer to visit an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible after getting injured. Equipped with the most advanced infrastructure, Dr. Tanveer Bhutani makes sure the fractured patients get the best treatment in town.


Knee Injuries

Our knees are that part of the body that are subjected to the most trauma, impact, and wear which is why they have a separate category for them altogether. Knee surgeries can be really painful and at times these require surgeries to heal which is why maintaining proper precautions is very important. Dr. Tanveer Bhutani has his own way of dealing with knee injuries.

Even if the patient is in need of surgery, he’ll make sure the patient doesn’t have to spend a fortune on his surgery though he’ll get the best treatment.


Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis happens basically because of tendon inflammation. It is basically a chronic pain happening on the outside of the elbow because of some huge impact. Dr. Bhutani uses his method of activity modification, using braces and very rarely injections or surgeries in cases of tennis elbow.


Shin Splint

When you notice tenderness, soreness, or pain on the inner side of the shin, you know you have a shin splint. This is the kind often that will stop once you stop exercising but will again continue after some time. We would say you should visit Dr. Bhutani once to rule out the stress fracture even if the pain subsides after a certain point in time.


Concussion of Sports Injuries

Concussion generally happens in contact sports like football, volleyball, wrestling, and soccer. These are mild traumatic brain injuries that are categorized into three grades and cause drowsiness, irritability, sudden loss of consciousness, memory loss, and confusion. This is the kind of injury that needs immediate medical attention.

Dr. Tanveer Bhutani is not only someone with amazing professional skills and expertise but also someone you would get back to again and again every time you are in pain because of any injury. He has proved that the best treatment is not always expensive.

He makes an ever-lasting impression on his patients’ minds which is why he has become the go-to doctor for all his patients. Moreover, his communication skills are worth appreciating which makes his patient be comfortable around him and open up to him more, making him stand out from the rest.