Can Infertility Be Reversed in Women?

There are two approaches to reversing infertility in women. The first one focuses on alternative methods like ART for conception and the second one involves finding the underlying causes and correcting them. Infertility is defined as the reduced ability or inability to get pregnant and have babies. More specifically, failure to conceive even after a […]

Miscarriage And Infertility

Everyone’s experience of a miscarriage is different and often compared to fertility. It all depends whether it is the first pregnancy, a second or third miscarriage or a result of a mishap. Whatever the reason may be, it is painful for both parents. However, the main concern of couples is how it affects their fertility […]

The Big Cs – Cancers of Cervix and Breast

Breast cancer is the most commonly detected cancer found in women in India, followed by cervical one worldwide. If not diagnosed early,  these malignancies prove fatal for many women. But now, improvements in screening and therapies for cancer have boosted the survival rates substantially. Both of these diseases are preventable and entirely curable with vaccination […]

How can you deal with infertility as a couple

How does Infertility add to Stress in a Couple’s Relationship and Ways to Deal with it? “Nervous breakdown and depression were just at the doorsteps after three consecutive failed IVFs and prolonged infertility,” shivers Natalie (name changed), thinking about the toughest five years when she had to deal with the marital pressure, infertility, and the […]