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    Oxinium Knee Replacement

    With time, medical science has become more and more advanced. Knee replacement is one of the best development till date that has helped patients in overcoming the acute pain of knees and joints. Knee replacement has also evolved drastically with time. Today, there are several methods used for knee replacement. Oxinium Knee Replacement is one of the advanced knee replacement methodologies that has come up with promising results. Oxinium is a metal alloy altered into a ceramic material which has impressive results for knee replacement. When further processed, Oxinium is combined with XLPE makes VERILAST, a material used to make implants which has the best and most durable with the highest performance guarantee.

    Initially, cobalt-chromiumwas used to make bearing surfaces but with the development of Oxinium, it has becomethe first choice. The use of Oxinium has decreased the risk of total knee replacement failure.

    Facts about Oxinium

    As per the studies, the chances of wear and tear becomes 50% less with the prosthesis done using Oxinium. Moreover, when compared with cobalt- chrome, oxinium material has higher surface hardness. In terms of weight, oxinium material is 20% lighter cobalt-chrome.

    The rising popularity of oxinium is the result of the fact that it has an excellent longevity rate and can last up to 30 years. The material can even be used for knee replacement in any age group.

    Oxinium knee replacement treatment

    At Eva Hospital, we are known as the best orthopaedic hospital in India. Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani of Eva Hospital is rated as one of the top orthopaedic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab. We offer a range of treatment for bones, joints and other orthopaedic problems.

    Besides, orthopaedic treatments, we are also a top-rated hospital for IVF treatment in India. At Eva Hospital, we take the best care to offer you treatments, including Oxinium Knee Replacement, that suit your needs. We have recorded a high success rate in Oxinium knee replacement surgery and various other treatment.

    Book an appointment today and discuss your knee-related problems with us. We will offer you the best treatment and guaranteed results.

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