Top 6 Injuries For Male Soccer Players

Injuries become quite inevitable in the game of football as it is a contact sport. Sports injuries adversely affect a player’s career. Unfortunately, most injuries occur during matches. Broadly, the injuries can be classified into two categories- Acute and cumulative. An acute injury occurs due to a sudden impact while the cumulative ones are a […]

Sports Injuries – Types, Treatment & Prevention

Sports professionals often get injured in a practice session or during a match. They are prone to different types of musculoskeletal injuries commonly referred to as sports injuries. Most athletic injuries can be broadly divided into three main categories-  Acute, Overuse, and Chronic.  Acute injuries are usually the result of direct trauma to the site […]

An Effective Daily Warm-Up to Prevent Sprains and Strains

While sportspersons and their coaches understand the vital role of warm-ups and stretching exercises, other people don’t realize as much.  The result? Frequent pain, strains,  and sprains.  Frequent injuries, however small, affect both our professional and personal life adversely.   Warm-ups before a workout, jogging, playing a sport, and also your work( if you do a […]