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Knee replacement is one of the most rewarding surgeries known to medical science. While the surgery offers a normal life back to the patient, the success of the procedure is dependent on many factors. From patient condition to prosthesis design, surgery preparedness to surgical technique, and components of the implant to recovery, each factor has a crucial role to play. At Eva Hospital, we are known to work on the best medical ethical grounds and offer our patients success in all medical procedures. As the best orthopedic center in Ludhiana, we ensure that the patients are handled with care and treated in the best possible ways. The latest computer navigation in knee replacement technique enables us to offer 100% accuracy in knee replacement surgeries to the patients.

Understanding Navigation In Knee Replacement

The computer navigation technology is based on infra-red and is the latest and real-time tool available to treat knee problems. The navigation technique has worked miraculously in minimizing the chances of error as it provides real-time pictures and videos. The orthopedic surgeon can thus offer the best accuracy while cutting the bone, positioning the implant, balancing the ligament, and aligning the limb.

Process Of Navigation In Knee Replacement

In this process, infra-red marking is used to make a 3d model of the patient’s knee joint. There are various landmarks in knee replacement that are vital but cannot be observed with the human eye. With computer navigation, however, they become very much visible and hence increase the efficiency of the process. The software algorithms help in identifying these landmarks and effectively perform the surgery. Through navigation in knee replacement, the doctors can easily fine-tune inaccuracies up to 0.5 degrees and 0.5 mm and offer 100% accuracy.

Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is experienced in using navigation in knee replacement surgery and is committed to bring the benefits of the technology to those suffering from knee disorders.

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