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    Knee replacement surgery is the best way to overcome the consequences of old age and its effects on the knees. Most people dealing with joint problems have problems in performing their day to day activities. Knee replacement surgery has come up as a very successful treatment in putting a stop to many of these problems. The success of knee replacement surgery depends on a number of factors including the condition of the patient & joint, the overall health of the patient, operating technique, positioning, and balancing of the implant and the expertise of the doctor. Many of these factors like the overall health of the patient and the condition of the joint also affect the cost of knee replacement. At Eva Hospital, we are committed to make effective treatment options available for our patients at the best cost-effective price. We keep the cost of knee replacement affordable to ensure no one suffers from the problems associated with knee and joint pain.

    Knee Replacement Process

    Knee replacement is a comprehensive process. There are different phases in the process as well as techniques that are used to treat aching joint and help the patient resume its day to day activities without feeling the pain or discomfort. Knee replacement implants are primarily of two types- cemented and un-cemented. The cost of knee replacement surgery also depends on the type of implant you choose for the surgery. At Eva Hospital, we help you in identifying the best option for yourself.

    Recovery From Knee Replacement Surgery

    The success rate of knee replacement is determined from different factors but yet it is reported high. We have successfully treated several patients with knee replacement surgery. Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is the best orthopedic surgeon in India with a high success rate in knee replacement surgeries. We ensure that the recovery from the surgery is quick and easy and offer our support to the patients.

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