In the new digital world where everything is getting advanced, the healthcare industry has no exceptions. Like other procedures, robotic knee surgery has taken an advanced level in the field of orthopedics. The knee replacement procedure has become precise and minimally invasive for patients. With technological advancements, patients can receive the required treatments and get […]

With ongoing research and development, newer and more advanced technologies are coming into medicine to help people get effective diagnoses and treatments. Robotics is revolutionizing the field of orthopedic surgery. These days, robotic assisted knee replacement surgery is gaining momentum as it has helped many people get back to their active lifestyle.  Many people struggle […]

Knee pain has become a common problem among people of almost all ages, and it highly impacts the quality of life and restricts mobility. Thus, with the advancement of technology in various sectors, including medicine, easy and quicker ways are coming up to diagnose medical issues and provide effective treatments. These days robotic knee replacement […]

Are you struggling with knee pain affecting your daily life activities and mobility? Do you face challenges in performing simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, or standing for an extended period? If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, you need to consult orthopaedic specialists to find the underlying cause of these problems. You can […]

Robotic joint replacement surgery is a medical process of fixing damaged joints with various implants. The advancement in technology, such as robotic assistance devices, assists surgeons in performing joint replacement surgery personalized for the specific anatomy.  The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution enables surgeons to closely monitor and optimize surgical outcomes. It performs such tasks using intraoperative […]

Knee replacement surgery has become an increasingly common solution for individuals with chronic knee pain or joint damage. However, the traditional approach to knee replacement surgery can be invasive and require a lengthy recovery process. That’s where robotic assisted knee replacement comes in. This procedure has evolved to include robotic-assisted technology, which has demonstrated promising […]