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    30-Year Knee Replacement Surgery

    Total knee replacement surgery has a rich past to boast of. Started some 30-35 years back, this medical treatment has helped several people suffering from knee problems to gain back their normal functioning. The modern-day knee implants are way more advanced from the first they started in terms of materials and designs. Currently, the new knee replacement implants offer a life of 10-20 years. However, the latest development in advanced medical science has made it possible for the implants to be made to last as long as 30 years. This development has been approved by the FDA and so far is the biggest achievement. At Eva Hospital, we aim to bring the modern knee implants for our patients and offer them permanent relief from their knee problems.

    Knee Implants For All

    While earlier the knee implants were known to have a limited life of 10-20 years, the modern knee implants will offer 30-years of life. This has made it very effective for people suffering from knee problems to get successful relief from their knee problems. Moreover, while knee replacement was considered as a treatment for elderly people preferably above 60-65 years of age, with 30-years knee replacement surgery, it has now become an efficient option for young patients as well.

    30 Year Knee Replacement Surgery At Eva Hospital

    At Eva Hospital, we aim to offer the latest and modern treatment options to our patients. We keep a keen eye on any development in medical science and incorporate it into our offerings. We are constantly working towards bringing 30-year knee replacement treatment to our patients and ensure they get a permanent solution for their sufferings due to knee pain. Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is the best orthopedic surgeon in Ludhiana who is committed to make his patient’s life better and more meaningful.

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