Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement O.T.s

Dedicated, seamless Joint Replacement Operation Theatres for the cleanest possible surgical environment, all advanced equipment including patient monitors, electronic vaccination pumps and pulse lavage for best Operation results.

Laparoscopy O.T.

Highly advanced O.T. for all kinds of Laparoscopic and Operation procedures, equipped with HD cameras and monitors, electronic Vaccination pumps, and other equipment for patient safety.

Private Room

Eva Hospital has well-appointed, comfortable private rooms for patient stay. All the rooms have air-conditioning, hi-end Patient beds, attendant couch, LCD TV, and attached bathrooms..

Deluxe Rooms

Eva Hospital has well appointed Deluxe rooms where every care has been taken for patient comfort, including hi-end patient beds, coffee chairs and tables, and an in-room coffee machine, microwave and refrigerator. The patient and relatives also have a more spacious room with an attached and well-appointed washroom and toilet.

Semi-Deluxe Rooms

All the safety and comfort features in a more economical pakage, semi-deluxe rooms have a sharing option wherein the patient and relatives can still enjoy the luxury of a deluxe room but at a more affordable cost.

AC Ward

Eva Hospital has well-appointed, naturally well-lit AC ward for patient safety and comfort. The patients still enjoy absolute privacy in cubicles and there is ample space for attendants. A dedicated nursing station ensures optimal care at all times.


Eva Hospital has a well-equipped ICU with central and backup oxygen supply, hi-end patient monitors, defibrillator and other advanced life-saving equipment. A dedicated nursing station ensures optimal patient monitoring and support at all times, 24 x 7.


Eva Hospital has a well-equipped and well-managed NICU where all facilities for treating newborn and neonates are available. The NICU is managed by dedicated staff, who treat every child with utmost care, compassion and expertise.

A comprehensive multi-speciality hospital in the heart of Ludhiana, providing hi-end medical and Operation services in the fields of Joint Replacment, Sports Injuries, Arthroscopy, Fracture and Trauma, Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs, Childlessness, Child Care and Immunization, Pharma , treatment and Plastic treatment. Eva Hospital has well-equipped seamless Operation Theatres with latest C-Arm and Arthroscopy and Laparoscopy facilities; well-equipped Recovery rooms with intensive patient monitoring and centralized oxygen. Indoor facilities consist of ICU, NICU, Deluxe Rooms, Private Rooms, Semi-Private Rooms and AC Wards.

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